Using Sparklers At A Wedding

Sparklers can make a fun addition to any wedding day. They can enhance a couple’s send off line or they can just be used to entertain guests. The first step in using sparklers at a wedding is to ensure in advance that the venue allows them.

Using Sparklers At A Wedding

Once a couple has gotten permission from their chosen venue to use sparklers the next step is to ensure that there is an outdoor area large enough to safely accommodate the use of them for all guests. It is necessary for guests to have enough space to spread out so that two or more sparklers don’t collide and start a fire.

Couples are strongly advised to make a hose or buckets of water available for quick and easy access while the sparklers are being used. This way if a fire does accidently break out, it can quickly be contained and eliminated.

It is important that the use of lights be incorporated with the use of sparklers. Most wedding DJs are willing to assist with this. With the couple and the photographer/videographer in place before the sparklers are lit it, the stage will be set to capture photos and/or video footage of the lit sparklers. The wedding party can be responsible for organizing the guests and ensuring that everyone has a sparkler and is prepared to light it at the same time.

Since sparklers are generally used to mark the conclusion of a couple’s wedding day it is important to schedule a specific time for them to be lit. Waiting until the last possible minute is something that should be avoided because couples and their guests will either be rushed or the couple will have to pay the venue extra for staying past their allotted time. However, scheduling the sparklers to be lit too early can make the conclusion of a couple’s wedding day anti-climactic.

Before purchasing sparklers for a wedding couples should determine how many of their guests will be interested in participating in that aspect of the reception. Since sparklers are generally used towards the end of the night, purchasing sparklers for guests who plan to leave early is a waste of a couple’s money.

When it comes to supplying sparklers and matches couples will get the most for their money if they purchase the wedding sparklers in bulk. Online stores that carry them tend to offer an excellent selection of designs, including heart shaped sparklers perfect for a wedding.

The beauty of using sparklers at a wedding is that couples can send their guests home with personalized matchbook favors, which are helpful for lighting the sparklers. Crafty couples may choose to send home guests who leave early or don’t want to use the sparklers an alternative wedding favor.

Used carefully and responsibly, wedding sparklers can provide an unforgettable send off for the bride and groom that allow their guests to feel more involved in their special moment. This is something everyone can enjoy and will remember for years to come, so they make for a great addition to any wedding celebration.

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