Versatile Features and How To Install An EPABX System

Versatile Features and How To Install An EPABX System

EPABX is an abbreviation for Electronic Private Branch Exchange. It is applied for internal incoming and outgoing phone calls. In case, you possess 2 phone lines, then it can be split into 8 lines. The incoming and outgoing phone calls can be conducted from these 8 numbers, simultaneously with only 2 phone numbers or lines. Without EPABX, if a staff member needs to contact his/her colleague within the office, then they will make normal phone call, which will cost money.

Versatile Features and How To Install An EPABX System


Some EPABX units are fully automated system, while a few functions with fewer features frequently need someone to attend for transferring calls internally, offer intra-office connectivity as well as help to connect external calls or handle inward calls. Such phone systems are called PBX, which is an old technology. It does not use limited resources like phone exchange lines competently.

Distributing external calls across multiple lines is unimportant, but if you have a couple of lines when subscribed lines are in dozens, then phone bills can be scary. In addition, manually distributing loads across many lines is stressful due to tasks enormity. All the EPABX systems are not designed equally. There are different types of brands that need unique configuration to challenge with.

In the past, automatic exchanges were expensive equipment and occupied large office space. Today, EPABX models are very compact and look similar to landline phone. In addition, they are reliable and include plenty of features.

Versatile Features

  • Automatic call distributor
  • Auto attendant
  • Automatic ring back
  • Automated directory service
  • Call accounting
  • Call park/ pickup/transfer/waiting
  • Conferencing
  • Speed dialing
  • DID
  • DND
  • Shared message boxes
  • Night service
  • Music on hold
  • Follow me
  • Voice mail
  • PA system

You need to select an EPABX system in accordance to your business needs. EPABX system installation has to be done by technicians.

How to Prepare for Installation of EPABX in the Office?

Inspect the location – First determine the location to install EPABX system. Choose an area, which is protected from heat, rain, and environmental issues. An area, which is equipped with an air condition having a power back-up and earthing is the best place. It is recommended to make a wiring diagram for the intended connection of components like cabinet, battery connection, computer for programming & monitoring and more.

Extension lines wiring – After finalizing the connection arrangement and wiring map, you will have to do extension lines wiring. Proper arrangement for future enhancements and redundancy has to be made. Always choose sealed wiring because open wires increase the possibilities of cables getting cut and disconnected.

EPABX machine programming – After completing the wiring, EPABX unit has to be configured. Properly wire and document all necessary features including extension lines list, number plan and more. Store the extension numbers on Main Distribution Frame (MDF) for future reference. Seal the machine appropriately, after tagging and numbering, so that unauthorized people cannot make any changes.

Large organizations must call technicians to install EPABX system because they can handle the minute details and complex wiring efficiently. More planning and documentation is also needed. Always contact licensed technicians.

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