Visit The Mauryan Capital Of Pataliputra

Visit The Mauryan Capital Of Pataliputra

Patna, the present capital city of Bihar is considered to be an ancient city which is really enchanting and a must visit by tourists from all parts of the world. It is a blend of both the new and the old and does boast of having a glorious past. In modern times, there have emerged hundreds of buildings and bridges all over the city and its surroundings that speak of development and growth.

More about Patna

The three holy rivers, namely, the Poonpun, Sone and the Ganga flow across the city. Great emperors had made this city their capital like Ashoka, Mauryas and the Guptas. It is indeed a paradise for those who love history. Patna is the short version of the famous historic name Pataliputra.

Visit The Mauryan Capital Of Pataliputra

Reaching Patna

There are plenty of places to visit in and around the city of Patna. Aspiring tourists can visit the city by availing trains from almost all parts of the country. This city is well networked with trains coming from all directions and parts of the country. Moreover, one can get to book food in train of their choice, be it veg or non-veg. They can also catch flights to reach this place. This city is also well connected by road with the national highways 19, 30 & 31 passing through it.

Exploring Patna

Tourists who are interested in religious trips can find this place to be of great interest. Besides being a historical place of importance, it is also an important religious place. It is here that Guru Gobind Singh, the Great 10th Sikh Guru was born. His birthplace, ‘Har Mandir Saheb’ is regarded to be a holy place for the Sikhs. Also is present a museum in the city that boasts of having 50,000+ rare objects. Yakshani, a beautiful statute and holy relic casket having Lord Buddha’s ashes is another attracting feature at the museum.

Also, is present a zoo here called ‘Sanjay Gandhi Zoological and Botanical Garden.’ There is a bridge named ‘Mahatma Gandhi Setu’ that connects Hajipur and Patna that is worth the visit. The other nearby attractions comprise of the Gandhi Museum, Padri Ki Haveli, Buddha Memorial Park and Vaishali Stupa.

At this city, tourists of all ages can enjoy themselves thoroughly like by taking boat rides at Gandhi Ghat in the Ganges River, play golf at Patna Golf Club, visit Kali Temple and Vishali  Ashokan Pillar at the Patna University Campus and have dinner at the famous Revolving Restaurant, located at Biscomaun Bhavan, close to Gandhi Maidan, on 18th floor. One complete revolution takes about an hour and the tourist can have a fabulous view of the city.

Food for all

The restaurants here in the city provides some of the much popular local delicacies like tikki chaat, litti chokha, dahi chura chini, anarsa, makhana and tilkut khaja, etc. Some of the well-known restaurants are located at Boring Road and Mauryalok Complex. There are also available interesting varieties of sweets like the ‘pera’.

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