Wax It All And Feel Fantastic

When you see a unibrow start to form above your eyes, or notice a small little fuzz growing above your upper lip, you want to turn to waxing as it is a quick way to remove all the unwanted hair. Soft wax is frequently used for removal of hair from larger areas such as legs, but hard wax is better for smaller areas such as facial hair, underarm hair and more sensitive areas like the bikini line.

Wax It All And Feel Fantastic

Hard wax is a type which is used for removal of hair, the application and removal of this wax is a bit different than the normal soft wax. There is a bit of skill required to effectively use hard wax for hair removal.

Technique for Hair Removal

  • Heat the wax according to the manufactures instruction.
  • Warm wax is applied to the area of treatment and allowed to dry a bit.
  • Little extra wax is left at the end of the wax strip so as it is easy to pull it off.
  • When the wax hardens sufficiently it is pulled off quickly removing the hair from the roots.
  • Some discomfort is associated with the procedure but it generally last for a few days only.

Who should Wax?

Hard Waxing is a great way for removal of hair you are uncomfortable with; waxing is recommended for people of all ages and both genders. The hard waxing treatment should be started in the young age, when the hair is fine so it will be less painful to remove and anyone can get it done regardless of the age.

Preparing for a Wax

It is recommended to exfoliate the skin prior to waxing and also advised not to apply body lotion on the day of the waxing. If you are worried about the pain take an Advil one hour before the appointment.

How Often to Wax

The time varies between the waxes, it depends upon how quickly or coarsely the hair grows back. It is recommend to wait for three to four weeks between waxing. But in an emergency like you have to go on a vacation, you can come back in three weeks; the wax can be done without any problem.

Post Wax Treatment

The pain subsides as soon as the wax is over but the area remains sensitive, it is advised not to scrub for at least 48hours and do not expose the area to direct sunlight. To treat the redness or swellings apply cortisone cream.

Waxing Hygiene

It is the most important step; make sure you go to the place with proper sterilization procedures. The waxer should be certified or licensed and should not double dip during the waxing session (i.e.do not use the same stick or spatula each time dipped into the vat of hot wax, this practice contaminates the wax and spreads bacteria from one client to another).

Does it matter what Time of the Month it is?

Yes it does matter as waxing will hurt more when under period as the skin is more sensitive at that time of the month. If you are pregnant it is fine and doesn’t hurt more.

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