What Are Different Uses Of Cobalt Steel?

It’s a common fact that steel is most widely used alloy around the globe. It is generally made from iron and carbon and can be used in numerous applications in literally all types of light and heavy industrial needs. Cobalt alloys are very useful in applications because of its magnetic properties and its corrosion resistance, and wear resistance properties. Cobalt alloys are also known for their strength at elevated temperatures. Cobalt steel is highly used as an alloying material in nickel base alloys with cobalt tonnage in excess of those used in cobalt base heat resistant alloys.

What Are Different Uses Of Cobalt Steel?

Cobalt Steel:

Cobalt steel is actually a variation of high speed steel with a higher content of cobalt. Cobalt steels are widely used as cutting tools simply because they possess a high red hardness nature that provides it with a great level of heat resistance. As a result the tools made of cobalt steel can run at faster speed and in higher feed rates.

Cobalt steel can be generally described as wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and heat resistant. Cobalt steel remains strong even in high temperatures. Most of the properties of cobalt alloys arise from the crystallographic nature of cobalt. Typically the softer and harder compositions are used for high-temperature applications. On the other hand, the harder grades are used for resistance to wear. In most cases, the commercial cobalt based alloys are collected from the cobalt-chromium-tungsten in the beginning of 20th century.

Uses of Cobalt Steel:

The alloys that are collected from cobalt are mostly used in medicine because of their biocompatibility and high resistance nature.  Due to the resistance to corrosion, cobalt steel can also be safely used in surgical implants as well as in dentures. Cobalt steels are also used extensively in the aerospace industry as well as in the fluid power operations. Generally, tools made from cobalt steel are identified with tough to machine materials.

Cobalt Drill Bits:

Cobalt steel is used in a great application namely as drill bits. Cobalt drill bits are actually made from premium cobalt steel in order to offer superior hardness as well as a very high quality resistant to abrasion. Cobalt drill bits provide the user with longer tool life than ordinary cobalt alloys. As a result the cost per hole drilled is greatly reduced. The drill bits are generally manufactured for drilling tough and abrasive materials as well as drilling high temperature and stainless steel materials. The cobalt drill bits give you the cost-effective solution for drilling.

Cobalt Steel Manufacturer:

When it comes to buying cobalt steel, you should always choose the manufacturers. The manufactures generally have years of experience in manufacturing various cobalt based alloys. Therefore, they can understand the actual requirement of a customer. The friendly engineer and the machining personnel of the manufacturer can also help the customer understand the most economical methods of utilizing a cobalt steel application. Because of the high popularity, a wide variety of industries have kept their faith on the cobalt alloy manufacturing firms.

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