What are Some Of The Foot Issues Resulting from Diabetes? State The Diabetes Foot Care Tips

What are Some Of The Foot Issues Resulting from Diabetes? State The Diabetes Foot Care Tips

Millions of people all across the world suffer from diabetes. With the advancement of technology, it is possible to diagnose diabetes in a better manner today than what it was previously. We can say that diabetes results from inactive and sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits but it may be hereditary also. Diabetes is a condition which results when the body fails to secrete sufficient insulin. The normal production of insulin and its absorption is hindered. People who are diabetic are at a greater risk of foot injuries, blindness, infections, nervous damage and other health issues. It can cause severe lower back pain as well. Diabetes also impacts the foot of the person. There may be common foot issues resulting from it, causing serious damage to the foot at the later stage.

What are Some Of The Foot Issues Resulting from Diabetes? State The Diabetes Foot Care Tips

Common foot issues resulting from diabetes

Diabetics are more prone to getting foot problems. Some of the foot issues are:

  • Loss of nervous functioning: If diabetes isn’t controlled timely, there can be loss of nerve functioning. So, the person can’t feel cold, heat or experience pain. This is a very dangerous situation.
  • Athlete’s Foot: it is the common foot condition that leads to cracked, red and itchy feet. Germs and bacteria can enter the feet via the cracks
  • Nail infection: There can be toenail fungus resulting from diabetes. The nails get thickened, brittle and also discolored. With infection, the nail may even separate from the toes.
  • Calluses: In the underside of the foot, there may be a layer of hard skin resulting from diabetes.
  • Corns: If you already have corns or hardened skin bump then the situation can get worse with diabetes.
  • Foot ulcers: Foot ulcer can be worse with diabetes. If there are sores and deep cuts, they won’t heal easily, worsening the situation

There can be various other foot conditions resulting from diabetes. What you need is diabetes foot care to avoid foot conditions.

Tips to foot care you should follow

If you are a diabetic, then follow the tips below:

  • Avoid moving barefoot anywhere. If there are cracks on the heels or foot, avoid that even more. Germs can enter through the cracks. You must wear proper shoes both inside and outside to protect yourself. It will also safeguard your feet from any cuts and scrapes.
  • As the skin between fingers stay moist, do your best to keep it dry. Moist skin between the toes may lead to infection. If there are cracks on the skin, apply moisturizer. After every wash, wipe the skin and pat dry. Don’t wear sweaty socks as that can lead to infection.
  • Always maintain a healthy glucose level in the blood. By doing so you can control neuropathy and thus keep your feet healthy. If there is any infection by chance, it will heal easily. In short, healthy blood sugar level implies healthy feet.
  • Smoking is injurious to health and a deadly addiction. If you smoke, it will take away the nutrients from your feet. Lack of oxygen-rich blood due to excessive smoking can lead to a variety of problems in the feet.
  • Always involve in certain exercises like jumping, jogging, bouncing, etc.

The doctor can also prescribe you tsh test if you are a diabetic. It is the test prescribed to check the functioning of thyroid gland.

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