What Are The Different Addiction Therapies Available Now Days?

Addiction Therapies

Most of us have heard about drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Have you ever heard about porn addiction? It is similar to other types of addiction mentioned here. Porn addiction is a type of behavioral addiction. In porn addiction, the addict has an endless or you can say ever-growing impulse to watch the pornographic material or content. Generally, the addict’s view pornographic videos, photos or magazines. They may use various modes or sources to watch the pornographic materials or contents to satisfy their urge.

What Are The Different Addiction Therapies Available Now Days?

Such a condition is characterized by some core psychological or emotional issues. These may include low self esteem, depression, loss of interest in sexual relationships with spouse or partners, anxiety and sudden increase in the time spent on porn use. Slowly and steadily it may affect the personal, professional life and also the relationships of the addict with his/ her partner. The addict continuously watch porn despite consequences and/or promises to stop further. It is because the addict is busy in satisfying his/her urge to watch pornographic materials most of the times. Various therapies or treatment options are used in such cases as discussed below.


It is considered to be an effective therapy for porn addiction when the person is in earlier stages of  addiction. It is in fact vital to get recovered from this condition in an absolute manner. The counseling of the patient is done by a trained and certified sexual addiction therapist. The main aim of counseling is to change the mental setup of the patient. It also aims at clearing all the thoughts and feelings pertaining to pornographic materials and contents. Instead the patient is motivated to do something worthwhile in life. Also it stresses on personal relationships and healthy intimate relationships between couples.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This therapy is basically centered on the compulsive behavior of the patient. The patient is trained to get back to his/ her normal life and relive the relationships. For this, the patient is motivated to change his/her behavior and switch over to a stronger sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. The main focus is on the behavior of the patient. Also the cognitive element is taken into consideration. The core issues that actually stimulate the patient for watching pornographic materials or contents are addressed under this treatment. The therapist has to first understand the basic causes of the addiction and then the underlying issues are treated and eradicated. T


In some cases, medicines are also used as a therapy for porn addiction. It may be required in some severe cases where the patient has lost all interest in other things of life. Generally, the medicines used for treatment include anti-depressants or sleep inducers. It is because the patient needs to be calmed down of any aggravation or such other feelings. By offering complete rest to mind, the process of recovery from porn addiction is paced up.

It is really important to understand that each porn addict’s way to recovery leads to much happier and healthier family life but it will surely be different for every addict as all comes with different background stories & different set of situations. It is just we need to understand their real problems.

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