What Are the Different Parts and Categories of Transit Spares

transit spares

Transit spares are used by those who own or have transit vans. These transit spares can be procured from Transit Salvage Yards and some companies do stock genuine transit parts. There are also companies that stock these parts through OEM markets. These companies selling transit spares have expanded to most markets in the European Union, Malaysia and also Australia as the transit parts that have been salvaged are in great demand. There are also items which are rare and so the price they are auctioned at matches the demand.
transit spares
Categories of transit spares
Transit spares can be divided into various categories. There are the solid flywheel kits. These kits are of different companies like there is the Ford Transit MK7 from 2006 onwards, there is the Ford Transit MK6 which is for vehicles between 2000 and 2006, the Ford Mondeo which is for vehicles from 2000 to 2007, the Ford Focus which is from 1998 to 2005, the Ford connect, the Ford Galaxy, the Audi, Citroen, Jaguar X-Type, the LDV Convoys, Mercedes, SEAT, Skoda cars, Suzuki, Taxi TXII, Toyota, Vuaxhall as well as the Volkswagon.
The second categorization is based on the transmission. In this there are the clutch kits, the dual mass flywheel kits, the clutch master as well as the slave cylinders, the center bearings, the drive shafts as well as the propshafts, there are the universal joints, the seals as well as the axles and there are other parts which are associated with this.
The third category
The third categorization is based on the engine parts. There are the pulleys and also the tensioners, the sealants, plugs and the oil sump pans. Then there are the vacuum brake pumps, gaskets and other parts which deal with the brakes, there are the belts, the timing covers as well as chains, the hoses and also the turbochargers, the injectors, covers and seals and also the rockers and camshaft. These engine parts consist of the oil pumps, the fuel pumps and also the covers for both the kinds of pumps; there are the cylinder heads, the gaskets as well as the bolts. These also consist of the crankshafts and also the oil seals of both the front as well as the rear, the valves including the air bypass valve and the idle speed control, it includes the fuel shut off valve which is the solenoid, and there are the ignition locks, coils, sensors and also the switches.
The fourth category

  • The fourth category is of the wheel bearing kits for both and also the rear wheels, the hubs of the front and rear wheels, the power steering pumps, the air bags as well as steering wheels, the ball joints and the track rods as well as the ends, the shock absorbers, the coil as well as the leaf sprints, the lower arms of the wishbones, the bushes, knuckles, stabilizer links and also the cross members and mountings.
  • The service parts include the oil, air as well as fuel filters, the glow plugs and wiper blades.
  • Under electrical and lighting category there are the head and rear lights, the indicators, reflectors and the side markers, the alternators, starter motors, relays and also the switches, horns, number plate lights, wiring and the remote key fobs.
  • The brakes and wheels have the vacuum brake gaskets as well as the pumps, the discs and pads, shoes, drums, the calipers, boosters, cylinders and reservoirs as well as the sensors, spring kits, shoe adjusters, handbrake cables, pipes, brake and clutch pedals, wheel cylinders and carriers.
  • The body parts consists of the front and rear bumper as well as end caps, grilles, arches, moldings, panels, mud flaps, doors, handles, hinges, rollers, mirrors, seat belts, locks and so many more.

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