What are the most fool proof ways of unlocking your iPhone 6 Plus?

The demand for unlocking iPhones has increased tremendously over the years. To meet this demand, the keyways of unlocking the iPhones kept evolving as technology advanced. Initially, the phones were unlocked through software unlocking. This, however, disrupted the Operating System of the handsets and led to a huge pressure on the Apple’s tech base. Within the warranted periods, all the handsets that got damaged had to replaced or fixed by Apple free of cost. Therefore, this method of unlocking the phone through loopholes in the software was banned by Apple as they launched the iPhone 4. All the iPhones starting from iPhone 4 can’t be unlocked using this method.

When this method became obsolete, people started to unlock their phones by using a hardware unlocking method. They tried to fiddle with the hardware components and configured according to their will. This method, however, led to zero outcomes or caused a massive damage. Incorrect configuration by the user or the third party users damaged the handset permanently. Apple cancelled the warranty services of those users and such form of unlocking is now considered to be illegal.

The safest way of unlocking an Apple iPhone 6 Plus is through IMEI unlocking. IMEI unlocking is also known as Network Unlocking. This method is totally legal and is offered by various licensed stores who have an agreement with Apple or by Apple customer service. To unlock iPhone 6 Plus, you first need to find out the IMEI code of your handset. You can do this by dialling *#06# from your handset and the IMEI code will be displayed on your screen. To avail, such services of unlocking you must contact a company first who will help you in unlocking your device quickly and safely.

Handover the IMEI code of your handset to the company. The IMEI comprises 15 numbers which are the unlock codes for Apple 6 Plus. The experts will use your IMEI code to handle the master database of Apple. The database of Apple has all the registered IMEI numbers and can give complete information about the device to the experts. It will give an idea regarding the year when the product was manufactured, what colour the product is, what is the model number of the product and the memory size of the handset. It will also let them know whether your device is connected to a particular network and if it is locked or unlocked.

Through this complete access method, the experts can comfortably change the iPhone’s IMEI lock status of the device from ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’. In this way, there will be no unwanted damage to your iPhone 6 Plus be it to the software or hardware components. Also, you do not need to download any other software or fiddle with your phone to unlock it. Thus, your warranty services won’t be breached and your iPhone’s changed status will be updated on the Apple’s master global database. This is the only unlocking method which is fool-proof and doesn’t cause any form of damage to your handset. It’s simple and can be done within 1-3 working days.

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