What Are The Prime Locations To Place The Security Camera

What Are The Prime Locations To Place The Security Camera

Installation of the security camera has no meaning until it is placed in an appropriate location. Placing the camera in a right location can ensure the effectiveness of the surveillance. In order to cover the most of the areas in the house, it requires a smart adherence. It is essential to choose such locations that cover most parts of the house.  If you are placing the security camera on locations where you scarcely get the right footage, then it has no meaning.

At the time of security camera installation, companies do provide some specification about the locations to install the camera system. So, if you are going to install home security cameras, conduct a thorough assessment with your camera installer before placing it in any particular location.

Here are some prime locations that are highly recommended in order to place a security camera.

What Are The Prime Locations To Place The Security Camera


One of the essential locations to place the security camera is backdoor that will ensure a comprehensive security level of your house. Also, it is the prime place for criminals to enter your house. It is also one of the considerations to place the camera where intruders are unable to recognize so that they can easily be caught in the camera without attempting any discrepancy.

Front door

It is the prime location to place the camera as it is the most popular place you will notice the frequent visitors. So, it is essential to keep yourself informed about who’s on the door. You can also have an eye if someone threatening your property. So, make this place one of the prominent locations for security camera installation.


A garage of your home can be a specified place to install the surveillance camera system as it is most probably opened. Often, it is possible that you do not pay the frequent visit to such place, hence it can be a great place to enter in your house. Also, you can have some expensive belongings in your garage that will be safe in the surveillance.


Staircase inside or outside of your home needs a proper surveillance as it is the way to get around the property. So, make sure this prominent place is secured with better surveillance. Many don’t feel the requirement of a security camera in such place, so they only making it easier for burglars.


One of the vulnerable places where you do fewer visits is the backyard of your house. It probably can be the best entry gate for the burglar s to enter your house. So make sure, this prime place is surveillance by a reliable security camera.

Final Words

Placing the security cameras randomly will only make the security system worst. But, if you are analyzing every place before installation, it will be effective to provide you the optimum level of security.

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