What Are the Real Dangers of Arc Flash?

What Are the Real Dangers of Arc Flash?

Any business that operates with the use of electrical equipment should be knowledgeable of arc flash events. Training employees in the dangers they pose is a first step in creating a safer environment.

What Are the Real Dangers of Arc Flash?

Physical Loss of Property

The intense heat that comes from an electrical burst, like an arc flash, can and will start a serious fire. It can the clothing of employees on fire, as well as cause the explosion of any combustible materials that are around. Your entire business can burn to the ground quickly.

Burns to Employees

The temperature at the center of some arc flash incidences has been estimated to be in excess of 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hotter than the actual surface of the sun. The technical truth is that the closer an employee is to an arc flash, the more likely they are to get serious, or life-threatening burns. You can get severely burned from a long way away from the center of the event.

Electrocution of Employees

Being in the path of this electrical voltage explosion means electrocution. It can caused by simply placing a hand inadvertently in the wrong area. There are times it is simply a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The air itself becomes ground zero. This is an event that you want to train employees for when it comes to electrical safety.

Loss of Hearing

The explosion of sound that comes with an arc flash can also destroy the human ear drum. Bruising of the drum is preferred, since there is a chance that the hearing returns. Full bursting of the ear drum will mean at least partial deafness for life.

Fall Injuries

The percussion of an arc flash can be so severe that it knocks employees off ladders, steps, or can even sweep them off their feet at ground level. This can cause fall injuries that range from mild to serious. It is the unknown ability to harm people and destroy property that makes an arc flash an unpredictable danger.

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