What Does Your Living Room Say About Your Personality?

There are many ways to express one’s personality. Tattoos can exude creativity, a sharp suit can demonstrate power, and wearing a plain shirt and a long flowing skirt combo can convey that you’re a free-spirit. But aside from what you wear, there are other ways to show your personality, such as in the way you decorate your home.

Of all the rooms in your home, the living room is perhaps the one area that is most visible to others. This is why it’s important for you to understand that the way you decorate it and the home décor products you choose will impact how others perceive you when they visit your home.

Colors and Patterns

Typically, dark colors make people perceive the homeowner as an edgy, bold and self-assured person. On the other hand, someone whose home is filled with pastel and soft colors may give off the impression that they are sophisticated, sociable and amiable.

Here are other personality traits based on your color choices:

  • Purple – Craves perfection and needs emotional security.
  • Red – A physical and energetic individual.
  • Brown – Requires a comfortable and secure life with family and friends.
  • Yellow – A very logical and independent person.
  • Orange – A sociable person who yearns acceptance from others.

The patterns that stand out in your living room also give a pretty accurate picture of the kind of person you are. A zebra print couch may mean that the homeowner is stylish and daring. Classic pinstripes give off an air of sophistication.


You may not realize this but you can actually tell a person’s priorities in life just by looking at their furniture. If you see ample and comfortable seating in their living room, it may indicate that the homeowner enjoys entertaining and having people over. If your furniture is sparse and looks too expensive to sit on, then it could give off the impression that you only want people to admire what you have and not really connect to you on a personal level.


Whether its picture frames, sculptures or paintings, the art you display in your living room can shape how others see you as well. It can tell others whether you’re an introvert, fun-loving, eccentric, silly, well-travelled, wealthy, etc.


Home décor accessories can really have a big impact on any space in your home, particularly your living room. What you choose to put in that room often reflects what’s important to you. If you fill the room with picture frames of your family and/friends, then it will tell others that you value family, love and friendship. If you fill it with souvenirs from your travels, then it means you seek excitement and adventures. If you fill it with electronics, then you’re the kind of person who prefers gadgets.

Whether you’re moving to a new home or remodelling your living room, there’s nothing wrong with decorating it according to what suits your tastes. But it’s also important that you’re aware of how your décor reflects who you are and how others see you.

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