What Is Certified Translation And Why Do You Need It?

What Is Certified Translation And Why Do You Need It?

There are often many reasons that you may require translation services. Birth certificates, Marriage contracts, or even documents related to travel and documentation.

A certified translation is a translation from a specialist who guarantees that:

1- She or he is proficient in the language and is capable of creating the necessary documents without errors.

2- Accuracy and relevancy of the translation is maintained.

A certified translation assures your documents of sufficient verification and as a legal record before academic institutions. Legal courts and U.S bureaucracy.

In the complicated web of U.S law enforcement, Immigration and Custom officials, an immigrant is bound to face hurdles to secure a futures in the United States. At every step that you take, organisations are likely to demand attested copies of your documents alongside certified translation of the documents. And at the crux of an immigration crisis, a ill-afforded mishap is the last thing that needs to happen. Thus for you to coast through, we believe the best way to handle your documentation translation is through professional agencies who are adapt in this criteria.

What Is Certified Translation And Why Do You Need It?

Who Requires Certified Translations?

US Immigration (USCIS)- For legal verification, the department handling Immigration needs your translated copies of documents such as birth certificates, divorce and marriage certificates and other documents for visa grants, immigration and customs related applications.

U.S Federal and State agencies- Some of the prominent examples include the Department of Motor vehicles, County Clerks offices, State Department of licensing and Passport Authorities.

Law- The US legal system stipulates that certified translations of legal documents and transcripts be presented when apt.

Educational Institutions– Most academic, colleges, universities and credential firms require certified translations of diplomas and transcripts authorizing their authenticity as a part of their admission process.

Why do they Insist on Certified Translation?

  • Valid in the eyes of the law– A third party client’s assures the USCIS of the authenticity of the translation as it depends on the reputation of the firm providing it. USCIS has always remained on vigil when it comes to translated documents as forgeries have been caught from time and again among many documents.
  • Encourages efficiency– Translation reduces the administrative clerk’s time and helps him clear your documents at a faster rate provided they are in the stipulated order.

Can i Translate and Certify My Own Documents?

  • Validity– Since you intend to verify and translate documents on your own, that brings the entire process under the careful eyes of the Law. Authorities are widely cautious with forgeries trying to slip in. The importance and complexity of the entire process should provide you with the need to consider its seriousness and rather hire a professional translation agency to clear your documents.
  • Accuracy– Mistranslations are likely to cost you your divorce suit or citizenship. The very risk litmus test goes higher if the translator isn’t proficient in both the languages he’s attempting to write and copy.
  • Time consumed- The rejection of the document is likely to hit you hard depending on the time you wasted on translating it.

It’s preferable if you leave your translation needs to professional agencies like THE SPANISH GROUP for providing premium certified translations in record time.Give us a call at (800) 460-1536 and let us help you.

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