What May Be Keeping You From GE IDX Developer And Programmer Jobs

What May Be Keeping You From GE IDX Developer And Programmer Jobs

Getting GE IDX Developer And Programmer Jobs may seem easy, but there are several reasons you may have been declined the last time you applied, even after you gave an interview. Here are the top 3 reasons that may have resulted in a rejection letter instead of a letter welcoming you to the post.

The Company “Googled” You

The internet is a great place to find out more about what’s beyond your locality, socialize and even get your name out there. Companies are proactively looking into the lives and histories of their applicants to see what they are like and if they would be a good fit for the job. There is nothing wrong with having a social network, blog, or anything else that’s rather innocent. However, when hiring managers get hits on nefarious activities such as odd sexual habits, laziness or a penchant for partying, they tend to go with a more serious applicant.

What May Be Keeping You From GE IDX Developer And Programmer Jobs

The Ego Applicant

Having confidence in your skills, ability and experience is a good trait that companies value, an inflated ego is not. If you are called into an interview, even after you have sent in a wordy 8+ page resume and they still want to talk to you, it’s best not to assume that the hiring manager will want to hear you boast and brag about what you can do, have done and what they don’t know about your skills. It is much better to state your skill set concisely in your resume, playing up those abilities that have to do with the job available, and let the company take control of the interview. After all, they want someone who can get the job done while working within a team, they are not looking for a know it all to try to take over the whole department.

The Experience Bluff

While it’s true that most GE IDX Developer And Programmer Jobs are staffed by people who are pretty advanced, if you are 25 years old, it is pretty hard to claim that you have 10+ years of experience in something like Angular.js. To start, being advanced in school, and having great programming skills speaks to your potential, not to your experience. Companies consider active projects or employment, heck, even internships as a means of measuring experience. It is much better to say that you have a couple years of experience in specific platforms that you can prove rather than try to pull a fast one that makes you look overconfident and dishonest.

What May Be Keeping You From GE IDX Developer And Programmer Jobs

In short, if you plan to apply for GE IDX Developer And Programmer Jobs, avoiding posting anything on the internet that you may regret later. Just about everything is traceable, either by your name, email, phone number or even nickname. The world is all about sharing information, and negative information can cost you the job. Confidence is a good trait that shows you are sure of your ability to complete the job efficiently. Arrogance is really nothing more than a fluff and feather form of covering up a person’s lack of ability, which employers will see for what it is. The same goes for making up experience, when it comes down to getting the job done, and you don’t know how-you will get fired!

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