What Really Happens When A Car Accident Reaches Court For Trials?

What Really Happens When A Car Accident Reaches Court For Trials?

Trials at courts are the civil proceedings. They are executed in a formal way to address a lawsuit of personal injury. The parties involved in this situation – a victim and the culprit, present their evidences to be judged by an authority, and issue the final judgment.

The addressing of the hearing may be done by a judge or a jury may be needed at times. Car accident attorney Los Angeles may seek intervention of a jury, only to address the matter for efficient conclusion.

What Really Happens When A Car Accident Reaches Court For Trials?


While the trial is on, fair chances are given to both the parties to present their side of the story. This form may be called as preponderance of evidences. If the situation is of a case related to accident trials, then this simply means that a plaintiff has to convince the supreme authority that the person defending the case was not diligent and negligent. It was this ignorant attitude that led to the accident and injuring of the victim.

As a form of the evidence that victim may present are the following:-

  • Your own self
  • Witnesses
  • Anyone else (Like Doctor who gave first aid to you)

Doctor and the Victim

Doctors are the best witnesses in such cases, as they may tell about the severity of the injuries to the court. Even the prescription at times is more than enough to be considered by the authorities during trials.

The very you – Plaintiff

The most important form of evidence is you. It is you who proves that accident did happen, injuries were caused and damages did happen. The suffering could be plain too, but it does give pain.

The defendant, as an opponent of you, may cross-examine you and your witnesses and may also raise objections if they find anything not approvable. The Judges examine with their intellect as to what is right and what is not, under the rules and regulations of the law.

Arguments Closing

Once both the parties have presented their side of the case, the supreme authority lets the attorneys speak (that is why you are suggested to seek professional help as you may get trapped by the opponent). This process may finish in some time or may take weeks / months.

Post listening to both the sides presented in professional way, the judge then passes the judgment.  This judgment is full and final regarding the case.

There are very many times, when the cases are settled before the trails. But! Few are severe to be judged by the court only. This is so, because certain situations are crucial and critical, and it is very ambiguous to make out that whose fault was it any way. This is why you need a court and an attorney to handle your case so that no one gets to feel misjudged.

Everything in this world is not DIY types. There are instances when you need professional assistance. Look for it for a fair trial of your case and achieve the right compensation.

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