What Should Your Care Label Include?

What Should Your Care Label Include

Everyone has opened up the washer or dryer to find that an article of clothing has been ruined. Most of the time, this is the result of not paying attention to the care instructions that were included on the garment labels. If your goal is to provide quality items that consumers will take care of, you want to create a care label that includes several different pieces of information.

What Should Your Care Label Include

Content of Fabric

What’s your garment made of? There are lots of reasons that people want to know this information. Some are looking for a specific fabric makeup that they deem comfortable, while others are just interested in the fabric content because it gives them a hint as to how to care for it. Either way, be sure that you explain what your garment is made of. Many items have several different components, so add in each one with percentages included. Start with the item that is featured most prominently and then move to items like the combination fabrics and any accessories.


You want your customers to love the items that you make and purchase them over and over again. This means that they need to be able to understand how to care for them and clean them. Explain how the fabric should be cleaned. Many times, certain materials can only be washed in cold water. Others may be able to be washed in a machine on the warm setting. Delicate items often need to be hand washed. Clear instructions will help your customers enjoy your garments for an extended amount of time. Don’t forget to include how the items should be dried! No one wants to wash something the right way only to find that it comes out of the dryer several sizes too small.

RN Number and Manufacturing Location

When you place garment labels with care instructions, you also need to include the Registration Number. There’s no way around this one; it’s the law. This gives consumers a way to contact a company if something goes wrong with an item. Most of the time, people are going to use the brand name listed on the label to make contact. However, the RN number is there just in case. At the same time, you want to include where your items were made. This refers to where the pieces were cut and sewn. This information can also be used as a draw for customers who are looking to support different regions or shop domestically.

A care label is a great way for you to help your customers keep your garment looking great. Once you’ve set it up, it’s easy to reproduce on multiple items. You can even add care pictures to help a person determine how the piece should be washed in the washing machine. Each item is going to need an apparel label, and the care instructions are just another way to take advantage of that space. You and your customers will appreciate the information included on the care labels of your clothing items.

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