What To Do In Case of A Cracked Windshield

What To Do In Case of A Cracked Windshield

You are on your way to an important meeting, driving by the road, when suddenly a stone tossed up and into your shield. This whole thing took only about half a second, it was so quick you didn’t have a clue as to what happened for a stupify moment. Even your brain takes up a second to get a hold of the incident all the while registering and understanding the brand new crack in your windshield. Well, now your window needs to be repaired.

What To Do In Case of A Cracked Windshield

Your windshield can also get cracked or chipped because of some auto accident or due to even extreme temperature changes. The driving around with a cracked window could be dangerous as it hinders your vision. So, the crack or nicked part needs to be repaired immediately.   

What do you do now? What are the options available to you for your windshield repair? Here’s a list of things that you need to do:

Take a Photo of the Damage

The first thing you need to do is don’t panic! Yes, your windshield plays an important part in the safety of you and your entire car while on the road. But it is repairable and you don’t have to start with a brand new windshield. You just need to start on this immediately and quickly so that it won’t spread further. The very first step in this direction is to take a photo of your cracked windshield. Remember to take the photo from every angle along with some close ups and zoom ins for better assessment. It will help you with the insurance as they ask for a detailed description of your damage. It will serve as an evidence for future purposes.

Measure your Damage

After taking the photo of your windshield, you have to do some measuring of the damage. This step is required as the damage of six or under six inches can be repaired but if the damage has spread on more than six inches of your area, you have to replace it completely. So, measurement is required from your side so that you can take a proper course of action for your windshield depending on the insurance coverage on the same.  

File Your Insurance Claim

The next step here is to file an insurance claim of your damage. There are some auto repair shops that deals with your insurance claims. But if the dealer isn’t dealing with it on your behalf, you have to fill your own insurance claim.

Go to an Auto Repair Service

The last action that you need to take in this context is to go to an auto repair shop or call for a mobile repair service. Find a trustworthy windshield repair company that could provide you with certain features and things.

  • All the required credentials to reflect that it is properly licensed, insured and trained. You have to make sure that you choose the one who have all the fine credentials.
  • You can even ask other concerned people as in if you are searching for a windshield repair in raleigh, ask in this particular neighbourhood.
  • You can provide the auto dealer with the photos of damaged windshield that you have taken through email or any other means. This will help them in giving you an honest assessment and an estimate. You wouldn’t even need to get back into the car and run the risk of further spreading the damage.
  • Go for someone that can offer you a time that you can pull off without hampering your own schedule. You won’t even have to wait long for your car, as it takes about half an hour to repair a cracked windshield.
  • You should also select the company or technician that can give you the warranty of the repairs. It must cover 100% money back in case of fail of the repair or damage spreading even after the repair.

These are the things that you should do while looking to get your windshield repaired. This list will help you out in getting your repair done quickly and effectively.

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