What To Know Before Botox

If you’ve decided you want to get botox injections, you may have a lot of questions or concerns. This is understandable- the process can seem complicated, and there are a lot of factors to consider when planning your first injection. Thankfully, however, there are a lot of experts in botox that are able to help you in today’s world, and a lot of information is easily accessible to answer any questions you might have. Here are some common concerns and inquiries that people tend to have when thinking about getting botox.

1) Where and When Should I Get It Done?

Research is very important before going in to get botox. There are thousands of clinics that offer it, and they all have different methods, prices, and etc. One thing to be sure of ahead of time is that you see a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist-someone who specifically trained in botox injections. Other doctors and nurses may offer it on the side, but it generally isn’t a good idea to get it from them, as they probably have not mastered the process very thoroughly.

As for when to get it done, many people receive injections when they start to get wrinkles. But you may not know that botox can also help with relieving pain, muscle spasms, and other related problems. If any of these issues occur, you may think about getting injections. Also, surgeons generally recommend that only those over 30 get botox, excluding a few rare exceptions in younger patients.

What To Know Before Botox

2) Does It Hurt? What Are the Side Effects?

Most who receive botox injections barely feel the needle- it’s described as nothing more than a slight prick. The process is very quick as well, and typically takes no more than 10 minutes. Some people may have slight swelling or bruising for a short period of time after the injection, but it goes away shortly. If the botox is administered by someone who doesn’t specialize in cosmetic surgery, or if you are especially sensitive, there are chances of droopy lids, temporary headaches, or other small physical problems. If these problems persist, you may need to see a doctor or visit the emergency room as quickly as possible.

3) How Much Is It, And How Long Does It Last?

The cost of injections have to do with the amount administered. Doctors should charge you by the unit of botox used, not by the area of your face that was injected. The most common injections cost somewhere between $250-500. These injections should last at least 3-4 months, and sometimes longer. Try to be conservative with your use of botox, and keep injections in moderation. The results will be satisfactory and subtle, rather than unnatural-looking.

Overall, it’s very important to do your research and find out what you want when it comes to botox. There are many variables that can affect your experience, and you want everything to turn out perfectly for your first injections, so that you can leave the clinic happy and fresh-faced.

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