What You Need To Know About Direct Vapor

What You Need To Know About Direct Vapor

Well, if you are a vapor and have been keen to know what’s trending in the vaping world, you would already have heard about Direct Vapor.

Vaping was only introduced recently but the kind of popularity this practice is gaining is so overwhelming. Within such a short time, vaping is now a worldwide practice that has attracted many people.

Some of which were original tobacco smokers or even addicts who have since made the switch from smoking to vaping. This is the reason behind the emergence of direct vapor.

What You Need To Know About Direct Vapor

This is a company that has gone all out in ensuring vapors receive just the same experience as the smokers by dealing in vaping accessories. As a vaping person, you can always enjoy some benefits when dealing with direct vapor and below are some of them.

  1. Affordable products

You can always receive great vaping kits and some other vaping accessories at a competitive price without any compromise when it comes to the quality of the product.

There is always that trust or confidence you will always have when dealing with direct vapor since they offer quality products at a friendly price making them readily available to the users.

Going with direct vapor means receiving a low price guarantee. I guess this is what has made them stay on another level when we talk about the vaping business.

  1. Saves you some money

Of course you get to save money when you get good deals for great products. You can always have direct vapor coupons together with other deals just to ensure that your savings are maximized.

Vapors can now receive exclusive coupon codes from direct vapor, something that can see them save up to 20% of the total cost.

These coupons allow you as the user to still afford the vaping accessories without having to spend that much on them. You can enjoy even more of these products when there is a seasonal promotion going on.

For intance, there could be a direct vapor coupon on most of the holidays like Easter, Valentine’s, Father’s day and many others.

  1. Original products

Well, this is that one part you should never be having any doubts on when it comes to the products produced by direct vapor.

They always work with reputable manufacturers to ensure that their customers receives nothing but the best and original products.

They always strive to ensure the vapors only get good products since they are likely to be safer to be used especially when they meet all the standards required by the industry for them to be produced.

For instance, it is quite difficult to find a certified mod that is likely to explode. I wish the same can also be said about uncertified mods too.

  1. Full disclosure

Direct vapor won’t just provide you with high quality and original products, they also strive to always stay ahead of the game by constantly providing both their potential and existing customers with some valuable information on what they provide.

For instance, when you visit their website, you will find a full disclosure of e-liquid’s main ingredients.

This includes Acetyl Propionyl and Diacetyl. This is a good thing to do as the information provided will help the user to make informed decisions when looking for e-liquids.

  1. Free shipping

Direct vapor also provides their customers with free shipping services on each domestic order placed. This is also done without any restrictions on the minimum products.

You also get to have free shipping during the 15-day period where you can have your money back just in case you want to claim a warrantee or if you want to return something.

There is also same day shipping services provided for any offers that has been placed before 12 PM EST. This implies that your order will reach you within only 48 hours after placing it.

In short, they have a quick turnaround time which provides a convenient and cheap shipping experience for the users.


Of course there are many other benefits that you can enjoy if you decided to try out direct vapor. Since the debate is still going on, whether to ditch smoking for vaping, the majority has already made the switch.

This is where direct vapor comes in as they try so much to sort out your vaping needs. You can also enjoy more benefits like getting to use online promotions and a warrantee among other things. Click here to see more on direct vapor.

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