What’s The Best Airport Transfer Solution In Salzburg

If you’re planning a visit to Mozart’s birthplace, then you might want to know which is the best airport transfer solution in beautiful Salzburg. Salzburg Airport is the largest airport in the region, and it surely provides you with the best airport transfer.

What’s The Best Airport Transfer Solution In Salzburg

Professional Salzburg Airport Transfer

If you wish to opt for professional Salzburg airport transfer, one solution would be taxi transfer. You can either pick a taxi up right in front of the arrival terminal – you simply call one by rising up your hand. Or, a better alternative, that we eagerly recommend is booking in advance a taxi, so that you can get a more affordable price. While Salzburg does not present pricey, high taxi prices, if you pre-book your taxi, you will obtain a sizeable discount, and that can’t hurt, can it?

Additionally, booking in advance your airport transfer will allow you to save time – you won’t have to wait around for a taxi to become available, if the traffic is quite difficult at the moment of your arrival, which may happen.

Concerning the price to taxi transfer, the minimum fare throughout the day is € 3.10 for the first 0.105 kilometers, while the fare is € 1.90 for ongoing kilometers. There is no additional charge required if you are loaded with luggage, which is always good news. Now, normally, a 10-kilometer trip might cost you € 17.30, which is an affordable price. If you’re traveling with a group, you can split up the charge and enjoy the comfort of a cab at an inexpensive flare.

Taxis are available day and night in Salzburg – thus, regardless of the time of your arrival, you won’t have trouble finding one. If you plan on traveling to Salzburg for skiing, you should know that taxis don’t ask for additional flares in case you have skiing equipment. However, because, during that period, the city is crowded with skiing enthusiasts, taxi services normally use shuttle buses for transporting skiing equipment. Still, you shouldn’t have any concerns regarding this aspect as everything is perfectly safe.

Public Transport

You can opt for Salzburg public transportation as well. You can take bus no.2 from the airport – it will bring you directly to the main railway station in town – Hauptbahnhof. The bus ride lasts for more or less 20 minutes, depending on the traffic and for a one-way adult ticket you have to pay 2.80 euros.

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