Why A Second Pair Of Eyes On Your Building Project Could Make Your Project Easier?

Why A Second Pair Of Eyes On Your Building Project Could Make Your Project Easier?

If you’re looking to keep costs down it can be tempting to do everything yourself. But in the long run you could end up making mistakes and wiping out any savings you may have made in the planning stages. Having a second pair of eyes, such as a professional CAD design services company,  check over your designs can be the difference between a smooth project and a bumpy ride. Still not convinced? Then read on…

Why A Second Pair Of Eyes On Your Building Project Could Make Your Project Easier?

You Get a Different Perspective

Having someone else look over your project plans is a great way to expose the assumptions and prejudices that you have brought to the table. A second perspective can help you create a much more inspiring and interesting design by offering a second opinion on your design choices.

As an example, perhaps you like open plan designs. You like buildings to be open and full of space and light. It might take a second pair of eyes to spot that, actually, the people who are going to be using the space are going to want some privacy too. So between you, you can find a design that combines the elements of light and space you want with the private areas your building users crave.

You Might Miss Errors On Your Own

Some errors are difficult to spot on paper and it’s not until you actually start building that you realise their implications. These sorts of errors are often the result of you staring at the designs for so long that you can’t see the imperfections.

To a fresh set of eyes those errors might turn out to be glaringly obvious. So don’t be disheartened if you hand your baby over to someone else and they offer constructive criticism. It could be just what it needs to make it truly perfect.

It can be like one of those optical illusions where you can’t work out whether you can see three tubes or four. If one of you is looking at the top and counts three, and the other is looking at the bottom and counts four, you know you have a problem and can set about fixing it.

You Have a Different Set Of Experience

Good ideas don’t just occur to one person – they often occur to several at the same time. The same is, unfortunately, true of bad ideas as well. By asking someone with a different background or with more experience to have a look at your project you might be able to make use of their expertise to avoid you having to make the same mistakes they did. Paper and computer time is a lot cheaper than building and rebuilding if it turns  out your bright idea wasn’t as bright as you thought it was.

You Can Learn From And Teach Each Other

Ensuring that you are in receipt of all the facts, and have knowledge of all the applicable legislation as well as understanding any building codes, such as PassivHaus, you intend to build to can give you a mountain of reading before you even start your project.

A second person allows you to divide and conquer. You can read up on one subject while they read up on another and then brief each other on what you learnt.

Building projects are complex undertakings so it is vitally important that you let as many people as possible comment on your plans while they’re still fluid enough to change. Two heads, or sets of eyes, are always going to be better than one.

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