Why Choose WordPress For Your CMS?

Why Choose WordPress For Your CMS?

From saving resources to maximizing marketing potential, plenty of reasons exist as to why choosing the right content management system (CMS) matters for businesses large or small. Luckily, lots of CMS choices are available, but one somewhat obvious platform stands out among the others. Because of its wide availability and broad range of offered services, WordPress has reached a massive popularity, with everyone from entrepreneurs to experienced techies

finding reasons to appreciate the power of this effective medium.


Everyone can learn to do simple Web tasks using WordPress, while more advanced professionals can deal with more complex aspects of the system. More importantly, when tackling the issue of cost, WordPress is inexpensive, which means it’s accommodating to versatile budgets as well.

Why Choose WordPress For Your CMS?

The WordPress company claims that if users know how to use Microsoft Word, they’ll have no problem using WordPress as a CMS. It also helps that WordPress hosting services have been

around for a lot longer than most CMS hosting options, which has allowed WordPress to develop and take advantage of tech innovations along the way.

Range of Sophistication

Bluehost is WordPress’s most advanced hosting platform, which comes at only a slightly higher cost than other options. Auto-install keeps everything up to date, while unlimited disk storage gives users more freedom with their files. The hosting software also features the following:

  • Unlimited monthly data transfers
  • 50 MySQL databases
  • 2,500 POP/Webmail addresses
  • Unlimited domains on one account

Why Choose WordPress For Your CMS?

It also offers many a free domain with each account, along with Simple Scripts, a control panel and CDN services, all of which are free. Mirror storage backups are included and 24/7 networking monitoring is part of the Bluehost package.

As an added bonus, WordPress has an excellent customer service and tech support department for users who haven’t yet graduated to the more complicated aspects of web design. Other CMS options don’t offer the same easy access to email, chat and phone support while learning the ropes.

Conversion Potential

What about businesses that have already invested time and money in building a website with a different CMS? Will they have to start from scratch? With WordPress, business owners can take advantage of various design resources while easily merging to WordPress and taking advantage of its lower price tag and greater versatility. WordPress provides the perfect outlet for cutting costs without sacrificing online presence.

WordPress’s ability to include sophisticated features that modern consumers expect, such as plugins, blogging and user-friendliness, will increase a business’s chances at conversion. More than just benefiting the customer, conversion benefits the business as well, with a high return on investment (ROI) and basic search engine marketing.

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the correct one, and WordPress is proof of that. Sure, anyone can take advantage of the company’s CMS service, but that doesn’t mean established businesses can’t use it for more advanced purposes as well. For newbies, it can even serve as an introduction to building an online presence. After all, starting with WordPress eliminates the intimidation factor, making it easier to actually deliver results.

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