Why Office 365 Is A Perfect Solution For Accountants?

Accounting makes one of the most challenging and vital parts in every business. Without proper accounting a business can never stand on its own feet, leave alone the scope of growth. So, ensuring the best for accounts is a must. In the world of accountants, seeking new solutions for the old problems is considered as one of the greatest challenges and this is where the Office 365 Cloud fits in. This on the cloud application can help every type of professional organization including the accountants by providing them maximum flexibility along with the best efficiency and stability.

Why Office 365 Is A Perfect Solution For Accountants?

The specialty of Office 365 cloud

One of the first things that we have to keep in mind here is that Office 365 from Microsoft is not just another cloud based offerings from the brand, but it is a service that has been formulated by the years of professional experience of Microsoft in the technology world keeping the exact requirements of the professionals in mind. So, to put it simply, it is a solution developed by the professionals to meet the professional needs and hence, you can actually expect this service not only to meet but surpass your expectations.

Enjoy Maximum Flexibility

One of the most prominent features of Office 365 subscription is that the benefits of this service can be reaped by firms of any size and stature. It provides the option of per-user subscription as well as pay-as-you-go modes, which can be very helpful for the startups to embrace this new technology. The documents created or stored on the Office 365 cloud can be edited or shared from anywhere through any device, even from your smartphone or tablet. So, as far as scalability and flexibility is concerned this package can actually give the accountants exactly what they need.

Get the best stability

Next comes the point of reliability. For professional accountants, the reliability of the platform is a vital thing and often the accounting firms spend a lot on ensuring the reliability and stability of their processes. When it comes to the Office 365, companies can actually expect a 99.9% uptime and complete protection from spams and malware. Microsoft also offers backup continuity ensuring the best data safety for every user.

Financials for Office 365

To make it even more effective for the accountants, the powerful online accounting software, Financials for Office 365 has been introduced which can work coherently with the Office 365 package to provide maximum accounting support. Accounting firms can easily get this additional software along with the Office 365 from the Tier 1 Microsoft CSPs like http://www.o365cloudexperts.com/. The Financials for Office 365 has been designed to help the accountants as well as the bookkeepers in providing better service and insights to their clients. This package can effectively enhance the productivity and reporting of the accountants, making the total work much easier for these busy professionals.

How it helps

Through this package accountants can easily create additional advisory services. It also provides quick insights into the data which can be very effective to come up with more critical and accurate advices that can help the customers to grow their business. Most interestingly this package also comes at a cost effective price and when you are availing the service from a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP like Apps4Rent you can certainly expect the best support during transition in every step. Apart from providing with 24×7 support the company also ensures that their client is able to actually adapt to this new platform without having to go through any teething issues.

Other software

The objective of the Office 365 package is to come up with a coherent solution with special segments for different types of professionals that can ensure more productivity as well as enhanced security and sharing. Apps4Rent also offers effective Cloud Project Management Software like SharePoint and Project Online as a bunch with the Office 365 to ensure an all-round solution for the professionals. The free SharePoint site can be accessed at http://www.projectmanagementsoftwarecloud.com/.

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