Why Politicians And Lawyers Are Using Botulinum Toxin To Boost Their Careers

Why Politicians And Lawyers Are Using Botulinum Toxin To Boost Their Careers

Professional Treatment

The British Association of Plastic Surgeons last month announced that cosmetic surgery has decreased by 40 per cent. While it’s not clear why this is, it could be the growing number of people using non-surgical treatments to look and feel their best rather than going under the knife.

Not just the preserve of bored housewives and those looking for love, an increasing number of professionals are using botox to further their careers, as well as keep looking youthful.

Dubbed ‘Protox’, a number of professionals, including detectives and psychiatrists, are turning to the treatment as they want a more even complexion and to ensure their facial expressions do not give anything away which they want to hold back. Some fear they have overly expressive facial features and want to appear calmer and more professional in order to be taken seriously in their professions.

Why Politicians And Lawyers Are Using Botulinum Toxin To Boost Their Careers

Younger Patients

It’s not just professionals who are turning to botulinum toxin in increasing numbers. Young people between the ages of 19 and 34, also known as millennials, are also finding it beneficial. There are suggestions that botulinum toxin is more effective if started before deep lines and wrinkles set in, to prevent them as you get older.

Wide Range Of Uses

Botulinum toxin is not just about smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, it is also used to prevent excessive sweating, another giveaway sign of nerves. If you’re someone in the public eye or have a career which involves a lot of public speaking, you may wish to prevent showing the signs of perspiring heavily across your face and brow. Another sign of nerves, clenching one’s jaw, can also be fixed with botulinum toxin, which can be injected into the jaw muscle so people can’t see you becoming tense. And it’s not just the face which is being injected by some, with reports of some women having foot botulinum toxin to help them be able to wear heels comfortably without experiencing pain.

A Little Help

With the massive surge in people using botulinum toxin over the last 15 years, it is no longer seen as an exclusive, vanity treatment, but something which can help prevent ageing and give people confidence to live their lives. There is now a wide variety of clinics and practitioners who can help you achieve what you want from botulinum toxin injections. So if you are looking for botulinum toxin in West London, you will have no problem finding a safe and professional clinic which can carry out your treatment.

Quick And Painless

Treatment can be carried out in a lunch hour, which means patients don’t need to take time out from their working day if they want to use regular botulinum toxin injections like azzalure. The effects can be seen with a week to two weeks and the treatment won’t need to be repeated for around three months.

With more and more people using it, botulinum toxin injections looks set to stay and has already lost its controversial reputation. There are even botulinum toxin parties for those who see nothing wrong with having a little extra help in combating the signs of ageing.

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