Why Sporting Trophies Are Essential In Awarding The Best One

Coined in English in year 1550, from the French word “trophee”, the word “trophy” refers to a “prize for war”. It is awarded as honour for any achievement in any sphere.”Sporting Trophies” refer to reward against achievement in sports, and are evidence of excellence. They may be awarded to individuals or to teams as a mark of recognition for their victory or for their outstanding performance over their opponents. These can be achieved at school level or club level or college level or at state level or national level or in international tournaments.

Design of Trophies given in Sports:

In the past trophies awarded in sports have been in form of daily use articles such as cup with two handles, eating bowls, or drinking mugs engraved with name and year of tournament or representations of animals, figurine, and renowned designs that portray images, words, numbers or images. These are stored as memories in museums or with person who owes them.

Why Sporting Trophies Are Essential In Awarding The Best One

Material of Trophies given for Sports:

Traditionally trophies given for excellence in sports were made of metal figures or of wooden columns, and bases of wood but nowadays they are made of figures of plastic and have bases of marbles. This has been done in order to retain the affordability to use the trophies as recognition items.

Companies Manufacturing Trophies for Sports:

There are many companies that manufacture Trophies for Sports. They vary in size and shape and can be easily ordered online as per customer requirements.

Few types of Trophies for Sports are as follows:

Why Sporting Trophies Are Essential In Awarding The Best One

1. A Trophy namely Loving Cup is a common type of trophy in shape of a double handled cup based on a pedestal and is formed from silver metal or is in form of silver plate.

2. Hunting Trophies mark incidents of successful reminders from game of animal hunting, such as fixing the animal’s head on a wall.

3. Resin trophies that are usually used as awards for participation in a variety of sports can be customized to include the respective event logo.

4. Perpetual trophies are ones that are held by the champion of the tournament till the time of new tournament.

An Important ” Sporting Trophies” are as follows:

Why Sporting Trophies Are Essential In Awarding The Best One

a. FIFA Trophy and European Champion Club’s Trophy for game of FOOTBALL.

b. Wimbledon tennis trophies for the game of TENNIS.

c. Borg-Warner Trophy, Trophy named Harley J. Earl and APBA Gold Cup for the MOTORSPORTS.

d. Cricket World Cup Trophy and Ashes Trophy for the game of Cricket.

e. Carlet Jug and Ryder Cup for the game of Golf

There are fifty categories of “Sporting Trophies” and eighteen categories of the same as per country specific categorization.

The 7 World Famous Trophies for the Sports Include:

Why Sporting Trophies Are Essential In Awarding The Best One

1. Super bowl Trophy- It is awarded to the champions of the National Football League championship game and is also known as the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

2. The Ryder Cup- It is awarded for Golf competition between USA and Europe.

3. The World Cup- It is one of the most world famous sporting trophies.

4. Wimbledon Trophies- the originals of the winning player in the game of tennis are engraved with the winner’s names but instead always remain at their home at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in South West London.

 There are many colors, designs, layouts and price variations that exist for sporting trophies. In fact, if you search through online portals, then you will get numerous ideas about how to make customized sporting trophies, and engrave your company or club’s logo on them. Whether you have a football, cricket or a hockey team, & giving sporting trophies are the best ways to celebrate and felicitate the success of an individual. 

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