Why you need to get a Balance Bike for your Kids

Balance bikes is such an amazing bikes for kids.

But what is balance bike? Balance bike is a two-wheeled pedal-less bike that is used to teach young kids of the ages of 2-3 to learn how to balance on two wheels.

After long period of riding, kids (toddlers) are able to ride and jump on the bikes without any assistance from their parents. Balance bikes can be used as replacement for other bikes like tricycles.

Kids who are able to learn how to ride balance bikes are able to transition from the balance bikes to a normal bike with two-wheels and pedals. Balance bikes are sometimes referred to as pedal-less bikes.

Balance bikes usually are of so many different quality, durability and performance. These bikes are specially made to learn how to ride and can be used even on rough surfaces because they are easy to ride and control.

The price for a typical balance bike ranges from $70 – $200 apiece. It is important to know before buying that balance bikes need to be the correct size for the rider. If you live in Sydney, there are lots of kids balance bike Sydney.

Some benefits of balance bikes for kids are that balance bikes are light and easy to ride – which means that kids can ride farther and learn how to balance easily. Balance bike fits kids much better than tricycles because they are able to control the movement of the bike with their body weight.

Surfing through the internet, I have found some amazing balance bikes that would be really amazing for toddlers. Here is a short list of them:

  • Strider Sport – this is a bike that has managed to dominate the balance bike market. This type of bike actually last for about 2-5 years of riding, and the seats are easily adjustable.
  • Woom 1 – These bikes are very nice for toddlers though they are a bit pricey but still are a top-notch bike. If you can afford it, it’s one of the best balance bikes you could ever gift your toddler. The Woom 1 balance bike is also very lightweight.
  • First Bike Street – With so many variety of balance bikes trouping in the market, the First Bike Street really stands out for its uniqueness. If you can afford it, it’s really a bike you would want to get for your toddler.
  • Early Rider Lite – the list of kids balance bikes wouldn’t be complete without this bike. It is an eco-friendly wooden frame bike. This bike is surely built to last for years, most especially if kept in the garage. It cost around $169 a piece.

Some things you need to consider before choosing a balance bike for your kids are as follows:

  • Hand Brake – when kids are at about 18 months they often don’t need the handbrakes because they use their legs as brakes. However when they are around 2 years old, they are most likely going to use the handbrakes. So be sure to buy a balance bike that comes with a handbrake.
  • Weight – kids are most likely going to be able to learn how to ride a balance bike that is light weight.
  • Tires – be sure to buy a balance bike with a foam or plastic tires because they will never run flat.

If you are a parent with a toddler or little kid, be sure to get a balance bike for them because it goes a long way in building their confidence and also serves as an exercise routine.

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