Why You Should Choose A Diesel Generator

Diesel Generators

Providing electricity for an ongoing activity such as a construction site or home power generation requires the consideration of a diesel generator.  These generators are much better equipped to deal with the rigors of continuous operation as opposed to petrol generators that are meant and usually designed with occasional use in mind. There are other advantages of using a diesel generator over a petrol generator as outlined below.

Why You Should Choose A Diesel Generator
Diesel Generators

Designed for the Long Term

Diesel generators are designed for continuous long-term use and require less maintenance and have fewer parts that will break down due to wear and tear. Diesel generators do not have spark plugs or carburetors and therefore do not have the need for continual maintenance to these parts. A petrol generator often runs for one thousand hours before needing routine maintenance whereas a diesel generator on average can run for 20,000 hours before requiring routine maintenance. Running a diesel generator for 12 hours a day equals almost 5 years run time before routine maintenance is needed. Many quality design generators can run for almost 50,000 hours before requiring maintenance.


Diesel generators are more efficient than petrol generators by far. Generally the diesel generator will do twice the work on half the fuel. Diesel generators are also built for continuous long-term use and generally outlast petrol generators ten to one. A quality diesel generator can run at its anticipated capacity continuously wear most cheap petrol generators list their top capacity but are not meant to be run at back capacity long-term. Doing so will shorten the life of a petrol generator but this is not the case with diesel generators. Even maintenance on a diesel generator is much simpler which includes oil changes, and fuel, air, and oil filter changes. Although the initial investment in a diesel generator is more than a petrol generator, the long-term savings on fuel and maintenance costs will provide a large difference over petrol generators in the long run.

Operating tips

Ensure the long life of your diesel generator by providing routine maintenance on a consistent schedule. Oil changes should be completed every hundred hours of operation and regular fuel, air, and oil filter changes will keep the engine in pristine running condition and prevent overheating and general breakdowns. Ensure to use properly rated oil and fuel for the machine that you purchase. Routine maintenance will extend the life of the engine substantially. Diesel generators are best operated for longer periods of time and that at least 50% of their operating capacity to ensure engine life and durability. If the electrical requirement is a short-term job or a small electrical load a petrol generator would be better suited for use.

Diesel generators are great for high electrical demand and continuous run time applications that require high output and reliability. These generators provide maximum power with the fuel savings component that outstrips petrol generators at least two to one. Remember for jobs that require top-notch wattage, long run times in daily use diesel generators are much better in the long run than petrol generators.

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