Workplace Dangers: Natural and The Criminal

When the psycho movie first released, it sent a jolt through society. No one could believe the extent to which the atrocities of a lunatic could stretch. In today’s world-we are no longer surprised. There are constant reports of mindless shootings and killings that keep the world on edge. Workplaces too are a victim of this madness. Besides, there are always the regular burglaries and other criminal acts to anticipate. All this makes the workplace very vulnerable and it is the duty of the employer to safeguard the employees as much as possible.

Criminal acts aside, another assailant can strike at any time-Mother Nature. With hurricanes, earthquakes, storm ripping through the world at an alarming frequency, it is very important to take adequate measure to combat these disasters when they strike. Then there is your all-purpose fire, which can occur suddenly and violently destroying everything in its path.

How do you protect yourself against things you can’t predict? Simple. The age-old saying still holds true, prevention is better than cure!

Workplace Dangers: Natural and The Criminal

Criminal Mind

Criminal tendencies are sometimes apparent but mostly hidden so the strikes are often unexpected. Here are some ways to safeguard your employees against criminal attack.

Know Your Men

Often it happens, that the lunatic outbreak is initiated from within the walls rather than outside. You may pass by a man for 20 years and still not know what he is thinking or what he is capable of doing. It is important to do a thorough background check before hiring any employee.

Seek Professional Help

Lot of companies, especially the high-risk or high-confidentiality kinds, have an onboard psychologist. They not only help ease the woes of the employees, they also help read into the mental health of the employees. A psychological mapping of a person should be done when hiring someone new especially in the high-risk, high-confidentiality kind of jobs. Even if they have impeccable records and references, the mental machinery might reveal something completely unexpected.

Be Approachable

Often, an average person could cross the limits of his sanity due to work pressure or unhealthy work environment. As an employer, you should be approachable enough for them to address their concerns before they explode. Likewise, if an employee notices that his fellow colleague is behaving strangely, he should be able to voice his concerns. These little things can often avert big disasters.

Natural Disasters

Okay, so you cannot anticipate the natural disasters but does that mean you need to succumb to it? Not necessarily. These tips should help.

Be Aware

Even in non-professional life, it is important to be aware about what is happening around the world, especially if your area is prone to certain natural disasters. Most countries have an extensive alert system that informs the people of any impending disaster as soon as possible. However, there are many who are not so efficient. It is your duty to be aware to safeguard yourself as well as your employees.

Escape Route

Chances are, there will be a time where you will find yourself in the eye of the storm with no time to spare. It is important to have a pre-drawn plan of what you need to do in that situation. Do not let this plan be trapped in some manual where no one has a clue about what is written.

Make sure every employee is aware of the procedures to be followed in case of any emergency be it man-made or natural. The best way to educate the employees is by holding frequent drills so that they know exactly what they need to do when disaster strikes.

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