WPC Boards An Eco Friendly Approach For Your Home

WPC Boards An Eco Friendly Approach For Your Home

A man’s biggest dream is to make his own house and to make this dream come true he works hard. This dream comes with a particular headache as this is not a walk in the park. Everyone wants his house to be extremely perfect as this is a once in a lifetime investment. The planning and the choice of materials that are being used are also particularly important for the owner. The modern era demands the use of sustainable products that don’t put strain on the environment and that include homemaking materials too.

WPC Boards An Eco Friendly Approach For Your Home

If you are an environment loving guy and want your home to reflect your eco-friendly approach, then WPC board is perfect for you. They not only are cheaper than the conventional products out there but are sustainable and highly durable than the other products you found in the market.

What are they?

WPC stands for wood plastic composite, and as their name suggests, they are made from wood fibers and also include a small portion of thermoplastics like Poly Vinyl chloride (PVC). Some WPC can even have cellulose and some additives as their components.

Why are they Eco friendly?

The first question that can come in the mind of the user is that what makes these WPC boards eco-friendly. The answer is quite simply that the fact that they are made from recycled and waste plastics and wood powder. The WPC boards themselves are also recyclable makes them Eco friendly.

What are their uses?

Though they are quite new in the market trends yet the WPC boards have varied uses. This includes their usage in flooring, railings and in the frames of windows and doors. In additional to that, they are also used in making indoor furniture’s.

What are their merits?

WPC boards have lots of advantages to be offered than the conventional products. Some of them are listed below-

  • The first and far most advantage that these WPC boards is that they are highly resistant to corrosion and termites.
  • They can be easily shaped in desired shape and hence can be specified and manufactured easily.
  • They are highly durable and have a hard surfaced and can be easily designed according to the needs of customers.
  • They have minimum water retention capacity and make them relatively long lasting then the conventional products.
  • They are available in variable color and textures that enhances the beauty of your home.

The wood plastic composite board market, though new is quite a competitive. You can find numerous WPC board manufacturers. They offer you their WPC boards with the most competitive prices in the market. Apart from the point that they are eco friendly and have above mentioned advantages, they offer you with some other advantages too. That includes low maintenance and adaptability of bending in the desired shape and fire resistance. The WPC bards have numerous merits over conventional products like plywood. Their eco friendly approach makes them the favorites in the market.

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