You Have More Options For Mangalsutra Than You Think

You Have More Options For Mangalsutra Than You Think

Mangalsutra,literally means an auspicious thread, is a staple part of an Indian bride. It has great significance for Indian Brides. When a groom ties the knot of Mangalsutra around his bride’s neck, it means that she belongs to him for all eternity, to love, to cherish and respect.

You Have More Options For Mangalsutra Than You Think

Mangalsutra Design traditionally embodies a chain of black, red and gold beads with a pendant at its center. However, a number of variations have been made to the custom design of Mangalsutra to suit the taste of modern brides. And nowadays, a myriad of options are available in the market, from traditional mangalsutra to daily wear mangalsutra that accommodates the preference of just about any woman. So, you don’t have to think that you’ll have to wear the same, old, plain and boring mangalsutra for the rest of your life.

Rose Gold Mangalsutra

Modern brides are probably sick of the glittery exoticness of yellow gold and want a more western look to their traditional jewellery. That’s where Rose gold comes in. The slight blush of Rose gold is what attracts people to it and it is the best option for modern brides who want something other than gold Mangalsutra.The pink tinge of Rose gold also compliments the skin tone of Indian brides and that is why it is a great life long accessory.

Trendy Diamond Mangalsutra

Diamond has been the foremost choice of jewellery for western brides due to the sparkle and adulation it adds to the white wedding, which eastern brides have been so envious of. However, they do not have to be envious anymore because trendy diamond mangalsutradesigns are now, available in the market. Young brides can get the Mangalsutra of their choice which best compliments them and add a touch of sophistication to their traditional attire.

Short Mangalsutra

Wearing a long Mangalsutra at business meetings might not agree with the aesthetic sense of professional women. In this case, a Mangalsutra with short thread and beads might be an answer to their dilemma. Short mangalsutras have been in vogue recently and are preferred by career women because it goes well with their business outfit. The short mangalsutra hugs the throat of women delicately which makes it an instant eye catcher as well as a chic accessory.

Intricate Mangalsutra Pendants

Many mangalsutra comprises of only a mangalsutra chain of black and gold beads, which is preferred by many modern brides due to its simplicity. It creates a chic and sophisticated aura around the women. However,apart from the chain of beads that are characteristic to Mangalsutra, the pendant also serveas the centre piece.And when it comes to mangalsutra pendants, the options never ends. There are various designs andpatterns  available in the market. Floral patterns for a feminine look, temple patterns for a traditional look. In addition to these patterns, a number of modern patterns such as geometric and chunky patterns are also available. You can customize the pendant of your own choice as well.

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