Your Ultimate Guide To Selecting A Luxury Transportation Service

Your Ultimate Guide To Selecting A Luxury Transportation Service

So last weekend, I had to get to this amazing hotel for a dear friend’s wedding. I decided to hire a limo service, well acknowledging the fact that I have never hired one before. I looked up some limo services on the Internet, and, turns out – the task of going through every single link and spotting the best and affordable from the lot, is not at all easy!

Finally, I came across this service whose rent was in my budget, and it did somewhat meet all my requirements. I booked it online. It was all rainbows and roses until I stepped into that limo (which arrived half an hour late from the assigned time, by the way!) It all went downhill from there. I was late to the wedding, and the service was unlike anything that was on their website. The final bill summed up to 30% more than the rent because it turns out charges like toll, fuel and driver’s gratuity weren’t even included in the final bill.

Your Ultimate Guide To Selecting A Luxury Transportation Service

However bad it was I learned a lot of things about the companies providing limousine service that will help anyone out there, who wants to hire a limo in future.

Ask for Referrals and Feedbacks

You should start by asking your family and friends if they have ever hired a limo in the past. First-hand references are always helpful ones. Ask them about the price and quality and if they were happy with the service?. Look up on the internet and try reading some reviews as they always give unbiased insights about the type of service you are expecting from the organization.

Don’t Trust the Rosy Pictures

Don’t let a good looking website of a limousine company fool you. Take time and review the options you have selected, check the car if you are going to a big event like a prom or a wedding. Because the last thing you want is to travel in a dirty old bus framed as a limousine.

High quality pictures in good lighting may fool you; you should personally go to review the car, and leave only when you have got what you expected.

Look for the Best and also Affordable

The important thing you should keep in mind  while renting a limo is that the rent should be in your budget. There are other different charges you also have to pay besides the rent that includes fuel surcharges, tolls and gratuity for the driver. In most cases, your final bill sums up to more than you expected! Ensure the final price is all inclusive.

Experience of the Service provider Counts

There is a lot to a successful ride than you think, you should try looking for a company that has had a smooth running. They should also have ample experience in the transportation business. If you manage to find an early bird; look into the staff experience.

Safety is important

If you have selected the company. Do some homework, look into their background check if they have all the necessary certifications. Check if they have liability insurance and are their vehicles are DPU approved, and DOT inspected.

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