10 Beautiful Property Websites

Property is a valuable and often costly purchase. A huge amount of research is done by buyers before venturing out to buy their property. Today, getting information about a property is usually done online, so an effective and captivating website design is an absolute must for property agents.

In this showcase, I’ll explore some great designs of property websites. I’ll also discuss what is similar about them to identify the current trends in property websites.

10 Beautiful Property Websites

Trends in Property Web Design


Property agents want to portray the message that they’re really reliable and well-established. They want buyers to feel that they will be dealing with a company that’s steadfast, dependable and time-tested. This is why most of them choose a classic and sophisticated theme for their websites over a sleek, modern theme.


Home buyers need to see what they’re potentially buying without travelling to a property. Property websites typically contain a lot of images for this very purpose.


Again, photo galleries allow users to see what properties look like without having to leave their computer. That’s why you’ll often find image galleries that feature properties that are currently available.


Many property websites provide a locator feature for buyers to find properties for sale in areas they are interested in.  So for example if you were searching for commercial property in Peterborough, it would bring up everything available in that location.

Property locator features are usually a Web form with various fields you can input — like property type, property features, price range and post code — so that you can easily scale down your search to the exact type of property that you are looking for.

Many agents use a third-party service or application (such as Google Maps) to enable this feature on their websites.


  1. Barker Storey Matthews is an excellent example of a property website that includes all the trends discussed above: sophisticated and clean design, image-heavy, with a property search feature conveniently located at the very top of the page.
  2. Cantera Real Estate has a captivating, clean and traditional design and has a housing locator for visitors in the top half of the home page.
  3. Naples Real Estate features a property for sale on the home page to highlight a specific property that they’re currently promoting.
  4. MacAllan Ridge’s beautiful design uses an illustrated background as its crucial feature.
  5. Broadview Homes ventures out of the box with a dark and modern theme.
  6. Hillwood Residential uses framed family photos to give a feeling of traditionalism and family values.
  7. Riverside View uses a light-blue colour that evokes a feeling of modernity and sophistication.
  8. Under the Roman Sun captivates viewers with its large beautiful images of Rome in the top half of the home page.
  9. Monica Ruggieri’s design is a good example of using classic and sophisticated themes on a property website.
  10. Lanikai Properties uses a bold and colourful theme to portray the nature of its properties in Hawaii.

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