10 Beauty Uses Of Lemon

Who does not like a good glass of fresh lemonade? If you are one of those who love lemons, you should also know the uses of lemon in the beauty and power and use this citrus.

10 Beauty Uses Of Lemon

  1. Lightens Hair

One of the best known uses: Lemon juice is used to bleach hair. Just put the juice on your hair and sun exposure for example, do so before going to the beach. This way, you get a slightly lighter and your usual tone golden locks.

  1. Nail Strengtheners

The use of nail polish, gel nails ruin your nails and make them weak. Combine lemon juice with a mainly edible oil, olive oil- and soak your nails in preparation. As if that were not enough, this also allows you to whiten your nails if they are yellow.

  1. Clean Lips

The cold, the wind and climate change can dry the skin of your lips. If it makes you any lip balm effect, put some lemon juice before going to sleep. Thus, the next morning you can easily remove dead skin.

  1. Clear the Oiliness

Dry shampoo if not convince you, lemon juice is a good way to remove the fat layer that forms on the hair. You can also soak a cotton ball and wipe the face as a tonic.

  1. Brightness Skin

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so the juice will allow you to give your skin more brightness and clarity. But be careful! Lemons photosensitize skin, so you should use sunscreen or yes to going outdoors.

  1. Reduces Spots on the Skin

How you listen! You can decrease stains on the skin-and are freckles, by age or by just putting welded for 15 minutes some lemon juice on them.

  1. Teeth Whitening

To get white teeth naturally just you have to mix baking soda with lemon juice. With an ear bud, put the mixture on your teeth, let stand for two minutes and then brush your teeth as a “peel”.

  1. Smooth Elbows and Knees

Mix the juice of a lemon, some salt and olive oil. This way you can create your own homemade exfoliating scrub that you can use to soften elbows and knees. Also, if you’re wearing fake tan and happened to your hand, you can remove the orange glow that it has been you.

  1. Clarifying Moisture

To this natural cosmetic product you need coconut milk: with just a few drops per cup of lemon juice will be more than enough. Apply on the face and body: lemon clarify and unify skin tone, while coconut water will keep it hydrated.

  1. Natural Deodorants

If you’ve gone on a trip and you forgot the deodorant, there’s an easy and effective solution: lemon. The citric acid in this fruit is responsible for killing the bacteria that cause odor, so it is an excellent natural deodorant emergency.

Here are 10 uses of lemon for beauty. Undoubtedly, it will allow us to be beautiful easy, natural and economically. What have you tried?

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