Pros and Cons Of Solar Panels

Pros and Cons Of Solar Panels

There are numerous forms of energy people know about. Some types of energy we have in our bodies. For instance, people get from food the chemical energy and turn it into kinetic and thermal energy when they walk and sound energy when they shout. And sometimes energy comes from outer space. We get light and Heat from the sun. Our lives are impossible without sun and solar energy is essential for us, too.

Many companies, in particular, offer converting sunlight into electricity. Originally, solar panels are being mounted on the roof and are angled to be oriented towards the sun. More and more people are thinking about hooking up solar panels as the sun is an natural and renewable resource of energy. Of course, if you consider whether it makes sense to install solar system, you should discuss your unique situation with a qualified and licensed master. There are certain pros and cons of solar panels you should know before you contact solar company. Here is the list of the most common advantages and drawbacks.

Pros and Cons Of Solar Panels

Pros of Solar Panels

  1. Renewable

The sun is a renewable source of energy, unlike non-renewable energy sources (coal or nuclear). According to NASA, the biggest star of our Solar System will shine approximately 6.5 billion years. The only thing is that in 5 billion the sun will swallow Earth.

  1. Superabundant

The sun releases 120,000 terawatts of solar radiation (sunlight), so the Earth’s surface receives more power than we can harness. Solar energy can meet the needs of present and future generations. We can consume as much energy as we need at least 5 billion years.

  1. Eco-friendly

Unlike natural fuels energy from the sun does not pollute the surface and atmosphere of the Earth. Solar batteries help fighting climate crisis on the global scale and reduce non-renewable energy sources dependence.

  1. Free

You do not pay for the sunlight, when you spend time in the sun. The same thing can be said of solar panels for at-home use: they supply all the systems and components of your home with necessary amount of energy.

  1. Available Around the World

Whether you are in Japan or Johannesburg, you can get solar power anywhere in the world. The only problem is that not all countries have developed economy and can offer installing solar panels.

  1. Help Cut Down Expenses

You can reduce electricity costs, if you choose solar panels. Moreover, if you have more electricity than you need, you can sell it. According to studies, the average residents of Hawaii saved about $64,000 over 20 years. Besides, there is an opportunity to get financial support from the U.S. government.

  1. Maintenance-friendly

Modern solar power system is in want of cleaning only a couple of times every year. Moreover, solar companies offer 20/25-year guarantee.

Cons of Solar Panels

  1. High Price

This is the neverending topic of debates, as energy mounting and materials require investment, but the U.S. government supports the electricity production. Nevertheless, some companies offer panels at affordable prices.

  1. Interrupted Sun Light

The amount of solar power one may receive depends on dull days and weather condition. Also panels do not get light at night and in the early morning.

  1. No Space for Solar Panels

More than half of American houses do not stipulate for solar energy equipment. Solar batteries require a certain area to receive necessary amount of energy, watt per square meter (W/m²).

As you can see from the list above, the benefits of solar panels outweigh the cons greatly. The main reason why we do not see solar everywhere is the high cost. As long as the price of natural fuels remains lower than the solar panels, only some social groups move towards solar production.

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