10 Reasons To Pursue A Job In The Medical Field

10 Reasons To Pursue A Job In The Medical Field

The best jobs offer us something unique. Most people don’t want to go to work and do the same things every day. We all like a little variety. On the other hand, we like career reliability, low unemployment risks, and a good salary.

If you’re interested in each of those things, a career in the medical field might be for you. The medical field offers diverse job options, great pay, unique learning opportunities, and more. There are many reasons to pursue a job in the medical field. To explore ten of them, take a look at the following list.

Flexible Shifts

Everyone in the medical field, from CNAs to surgeons, enjoys shift flexibility. Few 8-5 jobs exist in the medical world, apart from dentist offices or week-day only clinics. While the lack of a set schedule might discourage some, many in the medical field enjoy their shift variety. Many nurses work three 12-hour days a week. While the shifts can be brutal at times, that leave nurses with four days of freedom a week. Many medical field workers enjoy this variety, and you might, too.

Great Salary

Everyone in the medical field makes a great salary for the length of a degree. A short certification course can get you a job as a CNA, where you could make over $20,000 a year. Nurses make over $60,000 a year, and neurosurgeons can make up to $730,000 a year. The longer you stay in school and the harder you work, the more it will pay off. You may only have the ability to afford an associate’s degree in nursing, but you could still end up with a fantastic salary. Every job in the medical field offers generous job compensation.

Diverse Fields

Besides offering great salary and flexible shifts, jobs in the medical field also offer diverse options. You may know you want to work in the medical field, but your job choices are wide open. You could become a phlebotomist and take blood samples. You could be an ER nurse, or an ultrasound technician. The medical field allows people to work as anything from occupational therapist aides to orthopedic surgeons. No matter how long you want to spend in school, or how you want your shifts to look, the medical field offers it all.

Job Satisfaction

Not every job is rewarding, but the medical field offers job satisfaction every day. While the work can be tough, it’s all for the good of patients. Every medical field worker can go home knowing they made a difference in someone’s life. If you don’t like the idea of meaningless work, a career in the medical field could be for you. It’s not easy work, but the chance to save patients’ lives every day is rewarding.

Online Learning Opportunities

While you can’t train to become a neurosurgeon online, you can begin your doctorate, or complete your nursing degree at home. Online programs now offer everything from an RN to BSN degree program, so you can study, train, and earn your degree on your own time. Even if you’re working another job, you can work towards earning your degree in the evenings and weekends.

Career Options

Once you have a degree in the medical field, your job options stay open. You’ll almost never be unemployed as a medical worker, and your degree gives you other opportunities, as well. You may decide you hate hospital work, but you love working at an assisted living facility. You may earn your doctorate, only to find that you want to practice alternative medicine. Your degree will allow you to start your own clinic, like these alternative medicine practitioners in Medina, OH.

No Unemployment

The medical field continues to grow, and it will never become obsolete. We will always need doctors, nurses, and CNAs, because people will always get sick or injured and need care. If you get a job in the medical field, you don’t have to worry about unemployment rates. Most jobs in the medical field are expected to grow 18%, or even higher, in the next ten years. So far, the need for medical workers keeps growing. With the great salaries and job reliability, it’s no wonder that more and more people turn to careers in the medical field.

Free Schooling

Online education makes schooling even cheaper, but did you know your schooling could end up free? If you do want to purse a career in the medical field, there are government programs that pay back the cost of your education, under certain conditions, after a certain number of years worked. If you’re interested in the medical field, you should start investigating free schooling options. You could earn your degree, and have your debt eliminated within a few years.

Unique Work Days

If you work in the medical field, you’ll never get bored. While some might find the shifts overwhelming, the day-to-day variation is a gift for others. In the medical field, every day poses new challenges, and while some of the work is routine, the patients change. The added pressure of the job keeps it from getting boring or mundane, and although the stress is too much for some, the variety means the medical field will never be dull.

Variation of Degrees

In the medical field, you don’t have to limit yourself to a four-year degree. You might want to train as a nurse for two years and work as an RN with your associate’s degree. You may want to train for only a few months and work as a CNA. You can also get a master’s in nursing, or earn your doctorate in numerous specialized categories. No matter how long you want to stay in school, there’s a job in the medical field for you. Unlike most fields, the medical field offers opportunities to every level of education.

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