10 Useful Safety Tips For Newbie Motorcycle Riders

10 Useful Safety Tips For Newbie Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riding is always a great fun but it poses some risks as well. If you are completely new to driving a motorcycle, there are a lot to learn in order to be safe while driving. Following are 10 very useful tips that will help you stay safe while driving a motorcycle:

10 Useful Safety Tips For Newbie Motorcycle Riders

1. Ride A Motorcycle That You Can Easily Handle

Never try driving a motorcycle which too heavy to control for you. If you are a particularly tall and strong person with decent experience of riding heavy motorcycles, you can try driving that motorcycle. Otherwise, go for the most comfortable weight.

2. Do A Pre-Ride Inspection

A pre-ride inspection can significantly reduce the chances of accidents. Check the belt, chain or shaft that keeps your bike moving. Also, check the brakes to ensure they are working properly. In addition to these, check the condition of your motorcycle’s tires. Having Bridgestone motorcycle tires is a great way to drive safe.

3. Adjust the Mirror before Starting the Bike

You need to keep a close eye behind you while driving a motorcycle. But your first responsibility is to look in front of you. So, the mirror is the way to know what vehicles are behind you, how close they are and in what speed they are coming at you. Adjusting the mirror while driving is a common reason for accident especially when the speed is considerably higher.

Safety Tips For Newbie Motorcycle Riders

4. Dress In Layers

Wearing dresses in layers is a great way to lessen the damage to your body caused by any motorcycle accident. Even on a hot day, wear dresses in layers because when driving a bike, you will feel at least 10 degrees less heat. So, it won’t be a big deal for you. Motorcycle gear manufacturers produce full mesh jackets for driving during the hot seasons. You can go for such dresses.

5. Wear Footwear with Great Traction

Wearing footwear with good traction allows you drive safe on a rainy or snowy day. The show you will be wearing needs to have good grip in order to have better control of your bike.

6. Avoid Distractions

Having smartphones switched on while driving is a great way to have distractions. At least make your phone silent while driving. Because when driving around big vehicles such as large cars and SUVs, the reaction time can be very low. If your phone rings and you want to see who is calling you, an accident can take place in a split of the second.

7. Wear A Helmet and Bike Driving Gloves

A motorcycle accident gets most fatal when the driver is without a helmet. Do not take that risk and always stay safe wearing a helmet. Having driving gloves one is another great way to lessen the risks of accidents.

8. Leave Enough Space For Other vehicles

Trying to go through a narrow space crossing another vehicle is one of the top reasons for motorcycle accidents. So, assess the space available before you try to go through that. Not leaving enough space for other vehicles can increase the chances of an accident.

9. Never Use The Front Brake First

You may already know how a bike reacts when you use only the front brake or the front brake first. Always reduce the speed of your bike before using the brakes to lessen the chances of accidents.

10. Watch Out For Sand And Debris

Sand and debris can be very deceptive. If you even encounter any area of the road which looks like having sand and/or debris, just slow down and be extra careful.

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