What Is The Difference Between Audi Q7 2015 and Audi Q7 2017?

What Is The Difference Between Audi Q7 2015 and Audi Q7 2017?

The Audi Q7 has been entirely redesigned in 2017. Changes have been made in both the interior as well as the exterior. This article will help you differentiate between the two models by creating a stark comparison –

What Is The Difference Between Audi Q7 2015 and Audi Q7 2017?

1) Technology and Features

The new and revised model of Audi Q7 has an LCD gauge cluster in comparison to previous model’s traditional gauge cluster. The new model has a night vision camera system installed along with LED headlights. One great improvement is the music volume and quality. In the previous model the volume maxed at fourteen speakers whereas the new model offers a nineteen speaker set by Bose. It has advanced on the safety features and now provides the user with a forward collision system that has automatic braking system, lane-departure warning etc. Maybe it is finally time to toss your used Audi Q7 in Delhi and go for the newer model?

2) Exterior

There is no radical change in the exterior of the car. The new model has a more modern look but there are no significant changes, leaving a few like a bigger grille in the front, an improved rear end which has new and better lights. The fender lights are more defined and prominent in the new model.

3) Interior

In the new model the third row is more easily accessible than in the earlier model because of the new tumble and fold feature of the second row seats. The center control was redesigned and now has a better gauge cluster and gear lever. The door panels have been altered and redesigned as well. The new model also has a large infotainment screen that pops up in the center of the dashboard.

4) Safety

The previous model provided the user with safety features like a backup camera, a blind spot monitor, parking sensor, side curtain airbags etc. Now it has been revised to provide the user with LED headlights, forward collision system that has automatic braking along with a night vision system. The backup camera supports a 360 degree surround view system whereas the blind spot monitor has a lane keep assist and lane departure warning. One can easily say that the new model is much safer and better caters to the needs of someone who prioritizes safety.

Apart from the changes mentioned above there have been changes in the mechanical elements of the car as well. This year’s model provides the user with a 333-hp 3.0-liter supercharged V6. Though we are still not sure if Audi will be launching a diesel version of the same model or not, we are sincerely hoping that they do. The chances are not very high as Volkswagen recently had a major issue regarding its diesel emissions.

Even though both the models are similar to look at, the new model provides the user with a lot of upgrades in the fields of equipment and technology. It is definitely the go to vehicle if you are looking for a car that caters to all of your outgoing needs. Not only is it well equipped with safety features it is definitely modern, sleek and impressive to look at. Though it is expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket you can definitely go for a second hand model. If you are looking for buying used Audi Q7 in Delhi you should definitely go for it as the car is worth every penny.

Also, the driving experience is much better in the newer model as compared to the previous one. It offers a smoother driving experience in comparison to the 2015 model.

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