10 YouTube Videos Every Small Business Owner Should Watch

10 YouTube Videos Every Small Business Owner Should Watch

When it comes to tutorials and learning material, YouTube is one of the best platforms for it. It allows everyone from every corner of the world to make its own channel and start sharing his thoughts and views with the world. Those days are gone when people only used to use YouTube as an entertainment portal. Now YouTube is much advanced, and it offers the complete marketing solutions. That is why people are using it to promote their online education websites. YouTube has over billion users, and every day millions of users update their channels and upload new videos of different genres. These genres can be entertainment, educational, tutorials or for the business development which is our topic of the day.

10 YouTube Videos Every Small Business Owner Should Watch

Unfortunately, such types of videos are only seen by the small business owners who try to learn most from the experience of different people. However using the word, unfortunately, is not appropriate here to use for the small business owners because these small business owners and entrepreneurs can learn very beneficial information and knowledge from such videos which can help them a lot in establishing or growing their business. If you are also a small business owner and looking for some guidance, then following are the top 10 YouTube videos that you should watch which would help you to take your business to the new heights.

  1. Seth Godin-How to win at business:

Seth Godin is not only the founder of the Squidoo he is also an author, entrepreneur, marketer and the public speaker. His intelligence has no match and can be observed the way he builds the Squidoo into one of the best revenue sharing article writing site before the HubPages acquired the Squidoo.
In this video, the Godin has been interviewed by the Bryan Elliot in the show named as Behind the brand and discussed a book “Icarus Deception” written by the Godin. This is one of the most inspiring book of the Seth Godin for the small business owners. And in this hour long video, he discussed almost every chapter of this book. So if you are not fond or doesn’t have time to read this book, you should watch this video on the YouTube.

  1. Tony Robbins:

This name doesn’t need any introduction if you are a frequent video searcher on the YouTube. Tony Robbins is not only an American businessman, but he is also the author of many books based on the business advice and motivational topics. Being a philanthropist, he also runs his YouTube channel which is a mix of motivational, financial and business advice content. He even has his own series of Ted Talks on the Netflix called “Tony Robbins I am not your guru”. With the 210,000 subscribers and counting, it is clear that Tony Robbins is the man to look when you need any suggestion for your business.

  1. Twenty-two Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips:

No one can deny the importance of social media in this era. It doesn’t matter about the size of the business, and everyone wants to have a strong presence on the social media because it is the easiest way to penetrate into the hearts of the consumers. Social media is not only building the business but it is also helping the already established businesses to hold on their customers in the ever growing market. This and a lot of other aspects of social media you can learn by watching this video. This is a more sort of slideshow than a video in which you will get to know about the 22 social media marketing tips which will definitely help your business to grow more than ever.

  1. Robin Sharma:

Leadership skills are very important to build any business. If you want to build this skill, then the only men who can help you is Robin Sharma. This guy has sold over 15 books which were all bestselling books on leadership. He is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc. who has worked with the companies like Nike, Microsoft and General Electric. This guy is very knowledgeable and has excellent academic experience that is why if you provide the academic services like essay help UK, this guy and his videos on the YouTube are the source of information for you.

  1. “How To Manage Any Objection Successfully” by @Steli from Close.io:

This video is best for your sales team. Most of the sales representatives give up very early when they run into an objection from the other side of the call. This habit not only affect your business sales but also make your potential customers into your anti-customers due to the bad experience they get from your sales rep. That is why it is important to watch this video for you first and then your sales representatives. In this short video, the CEO of Close.io has discussed the points which are essential to know if you want to move any deal forward. From this video, the sales reps can learn a lot about moving the deal forward and managing any objection successfully from the client. This video will not only guide you to start your pitching but it will also help you to close the deal.

  1. Moz with Rand Fishkin:

If you run your business online then you must be aware about the Moz. Rand Fishkin is the CEO of Moz and runs his own channel on the YouTube in which you can learn a lot of things about the SEO and marketing tips. According to the experts, digital marketing is the way to go for the businesses in the future due to its many benefits. Not in terms of sales but also in terms of the accurate stats and analysis digital marketing provides. He runs his channel with the name of Moz channel which is best for you if you think that you need to do fancy things if you want to stay in the digital market. This channel will help you to see the other side of the picture and will teach you that how you can build a successful business without investing in fancy equipment and tactics.

  1. The One Word That Will Help You Close More Sales:

Another video for your sales rep. Most of the time when a sales rep get close to the trigger point of the client, they ditch them and get back on the starting point of the discussion. In this video, this issue has discussed in the detail. Like any other business owner, you also want to close more sales to build your business. This video on the YouTube can help you in this. The one word in this video will help you to push your client to close the deal with you. This one word was derived from many experiments and experiences that only the best entrepreneurs in the world can tell you. If you want to know about that word, you have to watch this video on the YouTube. This one word can be the center point of your sales strategy and have the potential to take your business to the seventh sky of success.

  1. What is customer service? The 7 Essentials to Excellent Customer Service:

Customer service department for any business is as important as the sales department is. If the sales staff gets you the new clients, then the customer service department helps you to retain the old ones. According to the recent study on the successful businesses of the past decade, their solid customer services department is one of the major reason behind their success. And this is what you can learn in this video on the YouTube. This video has more than 360,000 views and one of the most viewed video on the importance and tips of customer services. If you think that your customer services department is not as strong as it should be to hold the old customers, then you should arrange a special training session based on this video on the YouTube.

  1. Thinking of Starting a Company? Do This First | Inc. Magazine:

If your business is in its initial stages, then one of the first things you should do is to type this heading into the search bar of the YouTube and watch. It is a short video and will not take much of your time, but the information and knowledge which you will get from it will be great for you in the initial stages of your business. Vanessa Merit Nornberg, one of the most prominent female entrepreneur of the world is explaining the first things which you should do while establishing a new business. This video will help you to avoid those mistakes that every new business owner made which seems to be a right decision initially, but affect your business in the later part. This short video is must to have in the smartphone of every small business owner.

  1. Twelve Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki:

Want to get the business lessons from two business giants? Then you should copy and paste the Twelve Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki into the YouTube search bar and watch this great video about the two business greats. In this video, the Guy Kawasaki who was one of the closest associate of the great Steve Jobs explaining those twelve lessons that he taught from the Steve Jobs by spending almost two decades with him under the same roof. The small business owners and entrepreneurs of this era is not lucky enough to know the views and opinions of the Steve Jobs on the recent age but the people like Guy Kawasaki is here to guide the small business owners. If you are also a fan of Steve Jobs and want to get even the quarter of the success that he had in his life, then you should watch this video.

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