How To Be A Permanent Resident In Canada From India

Canada is one of the largest countries in the North America and apart from being large, it is really developed too. Therefore, there are plenty of people from Indians applies for a permanent resident in Canada. In fact, in last few decades, Canada has become one of the most desired locations for Indians when it comes to the permanent residence. But getting permission for being a permanent resident in Canada is not a walk in the park. In fact, you have to go through a lot of formalities in order to qualify as a permanent resident of Canada if you are an Indian citizen. Provided that, you live in India and looking to apply for a permanent residence in Canada then the following guidance can definitely help you.


The very first thing you will require is permanent resident Canadian visa.  There are plenty of reasons you can be interested in Canadian permanent resident. Canada is one of the best examples of cultural diversity. Apart from that, you can get different opportunities in career and education as well.  The main reason why Indian people are attracted towards Canada is education and career. One can get lucrative opportunities in both of these fields. Though getting a permanent visa is not an easy job but if you are lucky enough to get it then you will get plenty of benefits as well.
The benefits you will get with a PR Canadian visa are the following.

  • If you get PR visa then you will get plenty of opportunities regarding work and education. Apart from that, you can live anywhere in the country as well which is an added bonus.
  • Once you get the PR Canadian visa, then after a certain period of time you can apply for a citizenship of Canada. Once you get the citizenship of Canada plenty of doors will get open to you. This is the main advantage of getting a PR Canadian visa. You can also get permanent resident card Canada.
  • Once you get the PR Canadian visa then you will get plenty of health benefits as well. In fact, to be precise, you will get same health benefits of a Canadian citizen. Along with that, you will get plenty of advantages in your social life a well.
  • The best thing about the PR Canadian visa is you will get protected under certain laws. Say, if there is something wrong happens with you then the Canadian government will offer you justice under the Canadian law as well.

Required documents

The documents which will be required to get a PR Canadian visa are the following.

  • You will need ECA.
  • You have to go through language test.
  • You have to pass the skill test.
  • You have to show that you have sufficient amount of funds.
  • You may have to pay some additional fees as well.
  • You have to produce all the Visa related documents as well.

Once you have produced such documents you are eligible to get a PR Canadian visa.

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