12 Reasons That Cause Computer To Freeze Randomly

12 Reasons That Cause Computer To Freeze Randomly

Computer freezing is caused by programming related issues. If the PC has any malware, infection, or different vindictive programming it can likewise cause numerous issues. You can encounter various situations during which computer freezes. Therefore, if you are finding yourself computer freezing solution, check for the below issues:

12 Reasons That Cause Computer To Freeze Randomly


Everyone have those occasions when you get busy to the point that the most straightforward things may not enter your thoughts. Sometimes the freezing problem relates to your mouse. Maybe the cable gets unplugged from the source and if you are using wireless mouse it is possible that the battery got discharged.


People usually panic when the fan’s metal roller goes out. But this is simply a natural issue. Overheating can cause framework to solidify. The CPU is the colossal worry as it is to a great degree touchy and indispensable to the usefulness of the PC. The CPU cannot withstand high temperatures for a really long time.

3.Driver Corruption or Errors

Like overheating, equipment disappointment can cause your computer to freeze. Drivers are bits of programming that enable equipment gadgets to speak with other equipment gadgets and the working framework. Drivers are in effect always utilised by the PC framework, being a high hazard for disappointment.

4.Programming Errors

Outsider programming is the most widely recognised reason for computer freeze. The elements of a few applications may end flavor to perform activities or try to access to assets that Windows can’t get to.

5.PC Viruses

Once in awhile PC solidifying is an indication of your framework being tainted with the viruses. Therefore, it’s important to have an antivirus installed in your systems.

6.Excessive number of Apps Running

Every application, that opens on the computer, takes some inward and equipment assets, to keep it running. In the event that numerous applications and projects are running, your PC may run low on assets as memory is utilized by various applications.

7.Driver Issues

Obsolete or harmed drivers can also be the reason behind your system freeze.

8.Equipment non-configuration

One noteworthy cause for system freeze issue is equipment non-configuration. This may have happened due to non-configured equipment part that you have added recently to the PC.

9.Deficient RAM

Sometimes when the system freezes suddenly without any information, the reason could be an inadequate RAM. It is compulsory to have impressive RAM to keep the system running easily.

10.BIOS Settings

In a few cases, adjusting BIOS settings can cause difficult issues and may put your PCS in the stop mode.

11.Problems Due to Operating System

For the proper functioning of your system it’s necessary to have a legal copy of the operating system.

12.Hard Drive Malfunction

Clicking sound leaving the CPU coming from your system is nothing, yet a manifestation that is cautioning you that something isn’t right with the hard drive.

In case your PC experience system freeze, check for all these issues. If you can’t handle them, call an expert for effective computer freeze solution.

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