2 Common Myths About Fuel Usages

There are plenty of myths concerning the fuel usages. One of the more common is that if we put fuel with higher octane rating, we will definitely obtain higher fuel economy. There have been some debates on whether gas quality could provide us with real benefits. Many motorists argue that we shouldn’t put inferior fuel in our car. It is believed that inferior fuel will not only provide lower fuel efficient, but it could also be harmful for our car engine. For this reason, many car owners are willing to spend more money on premium fuel and it is believed to be a just reward for any hardworking vehicle. It is important for us to know whether upper-grade fuel will really provide us with slightly better mileage, cleaner engine and a bit more power.

However, it should be quite clear to say that the best kind of fuel for our car is one that’s recommended by our Owner’s Manual. It’s pure and simple. The car should work well when the fuel we use is highly recommended. In this case, many people are simply fooled by the notion that they need to use the best kind of fuel. In fact, many dishonest gasoline sellers around the world pass off regular type of gas as grade or premium gas. Overall, there is only one best kind of fuel that we can use for the car. Check the Owner’s Manual for the recommended type of fuel, period!

Another common fuel-related myth is that the best time to purchase gas is on Wednesday. This myth was circulated when the gas price skyrocketed to record highs. So, the story among numerous drivers is that a good time to purchase gasoline is on Wednesday and it will allow us to get the most affordable price. Proponents of this myth argue that pump prices tend to cool from the weekend price hikes, when oil producers often raise prices. It is true that gas prices are usually higher during the weekend, but we shouldn’t think that there’s an ideal day of the week, when the gas price is lower.

Any car owner will notice that gas prices usually fluctuate each day and in many cases, it can be determined by gas stations themselves. Gas stations consider different factors in determining the actual gas prices. As an example, they consider the competitors’ process and the wholesale prices of the gas at a given day. Many gas stations also have convenience stores and the financial performance of the stores will also determine the gas prices. Our best bet is to do the bargain hunting for cheaper or inexpensive gas. This should be a good practice when we want to find the proper gas prices.

We can do this by checking specific websites that allow us to find the more affordable gas. There are mobile apps that we can install in our smartphones, so we will be able to find the proper gas prices on the go. We could enter our location or ZIP code to get a list of gas prices in our area.

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