How Cloud Based Solutions Can Simplify & Speed Up Projects For SEO Professionals?

SEO has become more complex than ever and more factors play a role in it than before. There is no limit to what you can do as an SEO professional to boost your clients’ search rankings. The growing number of algorithm updates and changes mean that you have to call upon all your ideas and resources to succeed. You need to get your entire team working together and sharing their ideas. You will also need to develop great sites, share a wide range of documents and reports, and run critical schedules. Integrating the latest in technology can go a long way in making a difference between a successful SEO company and just another company.

How Cloud Based Solutions Can Simplify & Speed Up Projects For SEO Professionals?

Taking SEO Services to the Cloud

SEO is more about technology than most other industries. You can have clients and teams from all over the world. Cloud technology can simplify your operations, getting more done without having to move. Overall, it can help in boosting your efficiency and productivity, while simplifying all your tasks. Here, you will find the most effective cloud based solutions for SEO professionals and companies that will redefine (and simplify) the way you have been doing the entire business – from your core SEO services to team management to your business management.

SharePoint: This is a cloud based service that simplifies and speeds up information sharing, communication and team collaboration in your SEO company or between SEO professionals working at different locations. SEO professionals will be able to develop their own sites on the cloud without the need for advanced and complex processes. The sites are up and ready immediately. SEOs scan store and share their information in various forms, thus speeding up their collaboration and core processes.

High Level of Availability

SharePoint solutions go beyond your on-premise service and offer high level of availability. You will get scalable and infinite access along with connectivity across different geographical locations so that there is collaboration on all types of projects. Modern SEO agencies can operate out of different offices from different parts of the world. SharePoint farms can make communication, reports sharing and data sharing easy and instant across the world in an error-free and disruption-free manner.

Benefits of SharePoint Cloud for SEO Services

SEOs work on the edge of cost effectiveness. SharePoint Cloud helps in reducing the overall cost of ownership and operation. It provides provisions like virtual storage, failover systems and automated failback. It also helps in eliminating the need for on-premises deployment, thus saving you big in both long term and short term. Another advantage of this cloud technology is its disaster recovery solutions. It will maintain backup copies of all your data, including current and previous projects. You can remain assured that if there is loss of data due to any reason, it is backed up and stored safely on the cloud. It can be easily retrieved while being protected under multiple layers of security.

Thanks to this cloud technology solution, you could collaborate with your teams across the world in an instant, without incurring hefty costs. Visit to learn more about this cloud service.

Cloud Desktop: Thanks to virtual desktop, you could boost your overall employee productivity while minimizing the cost of maintaining the hardware. Cloud hosted virtual desktop can enable accessing virtual desktops from any location in the world and on any device. It can enable your teams to experience flexibility and total freedom, thus improving your SEO company’s efficiency and productivity.

With Cloud Desktop from Apps4Rent, your teams can access all your sophisticated applications and emails from within their systems. Your workforce can rely on Remote Data Protocol for accessing your applications. They could also use the leading browsers and access your applications on any device with any operating system.

Besides, the Cloud Desktop also empowers your workforce to access all your resources including printers and other devices remotely. Besides, you will have total control over access permissions. This level of advanced service is fully secure and is supported with daily backup. You can also access 24×7 professional support whenever a need arises. Learn more about this cloud solution from

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