3 Gifting Ideas When You Are Too Busy To Be With Your Loved Ones


Nothing can compensate being there for your loved ones on special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays and festivals. But sometimes, one has to live away from them to work his or her way up the career ladder. But, you need not feel guilty anymore. Thanks to the boom in e-commerce sector, you can send gifts to your near and dear ones on such occasions, that too at the click of button and within time. The market is replete with myriad gift options which you can choose online to make your kith and kin feel special. Here are 3 gift ideas that would help you choose the best for those who you love.

1. Cakes

3 Gifting Ideas When You Are Too Busy To Be With Your Loved Ones

Let sweet tooth make sweet memories. Well! 9 out of 10 people like cakes, and the 10th one might be lying. Jokes apart! Cakes make for a good option when you have to send a gift to someone.  There are many reputed portals which facilitate online cake delivery in Delhi and other states well. Further, if the intended recipient of the gift is either calorie-conscious or diabetic, you can order sugar free cakes made using whole wheat flour.  In case, this if for a child, you can send a teddy bear along with the cake.

2. Flowers

3 Gifting Ideas When You Are Too Busy To Be With Your Loved Ones

The significance of giving flowers has moved beyond romance and love. Flowers can be gifted on any occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s or Father’s day or just to make your loved one feel happy.  The best part is that flowers are not overtly costly, yet they look classy and exquisite as a gift-option. A bouquet of flowers puts across feelings such as joy, romance, love, sympathy, appreciation etc. in a way that no other gifts can do. Each flower and its colour convey a different meaning. For e.g., a bunch of red roses generally symbolises romantic love.

3. Chocolates

3 Gifting Ideas When You Are Too Busy To Be With Your Loved Ones

Let the sweetness of chocolates make your relationships even more harmonious. Almost everybody loves chocolates and hence, it makes for a perfect gift. After all, a gift should be something which makes the receiver happy in some or other way. Further, chocolate has positive psychological and emotional effects as it boosts the level of endorphin in the body. Make sure that the chocolate you buy is of the finest quality.  To try something new, gifting dark chocolate or bitter chocolate is also a good option, but it is better to have some prior idea about the taste preference of the intended receiver.

Sending these gifts is easy as there are a few reputed gift delivery portals which deliver gifts at the time-slot chosen by you.

So, which of the above are you going to choose to make your near and dear ones feel special?  Share your thoughts, ideas and queries with us by commenting in the section below.

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