6 Fantastic Eating Joints In The Old Quarters Of Delhi You Have To Visit

The walled city, which is also known as Old Delhi, is one of the fascinating areas to try some amusing flavours. Evolved from the days of Mughals and local rulers, the culinary delights of Old Delhi is a must try for anyone visiting the capital for the first time. Because, who knows you could find an amazing sherwani or a lehenga at super discounted rates while on a food ride!

Chaina Ram Confectioner’s – This award winning store is a nice one stop shop to enjoy a variety of desserts, all prepared in pure ghee. The primary treat of the store is halwa, a springy and soft studded with dry fruits and other amazing things. Additional specialties include doda barfi shahi, pateesa and its own large laddoos. In the event that you get here, there is a great breakfast of puri, subzi and halwa which shouldn’t be missed at all costs. In case, you feel like trying the tastes of the old quarters of the city, you can easily find Bangalore Delhi flights or bus facilities from Agra or Jaipur.

Natraj Dahi Wala – Its enormous reputation is testified to by the endless crowds milling outside this tiny eatery. There are merely two meals on the menu– tikki and dahi bhalla spiced to-perfection. The chip tikkis are offered with two types of chutney (cilantro and tamarind), while the crumbly bhalla can also be supported with chilling curd. Both are outstanding appetizer for the additional lips of Aged Delhi – smacking against cuisine. Catch your dish, locate an area on the sidewalk outside the booth, and incomparable cooking epiphany.

Hatti – Located at the junction of Jama Masjid and Shahi Baoli is the Hatti, a spot where several have appreciated chholey bhature, chhole chawal and dahi bhalle. The store was started by Mr. Nathuram and buddy Mr. Ram Krishan and is now being handled by the latter’s son Mr. Jaipal, who’s looking forward to welcome his next-generations to come-on board. This eating joint is a renowned one and counts a sale of more than 300 items daily. The store stays open from 10:30 in the morning to 8 in the evening, weekends being off.

Meghraj – Another fascinating eating joints in the old quarters of the city, the Meghraj is located near the Jama Masjid. This 115 year old store has kept its quality of groundwork and ghee sweets amazingly intact. The store operator Mr. Arora is the fourth-generation after Meghraj began, and has successfully taken it to franchise system. In the event that you will be in this part of the town, do not forget to discover their well-known puri-chholey and aalu with an awesome glass of lassi and pickles.

JB Kachori Wala – Jung Bahadur or JB Kachori Wala has a time span of more than 44 years for developing a fan-following for his dal Kachoris and sabzi and began from a tiny corner on Nai Sarak. Running one on Nai Sarak, now there are two other stores of this popular store at Chawdi Bazaar as well and has received their share of recognition. Today, the grandsons of the shop owner offer kachori one after the other to the passersby eager to try their taste on any particular evening. The outlet is stays open from 10 a.m to 7 p.m .

Shiv Bhandar – Shiv Bhandar, situated to Neel to the remaining side of the route leading to Red Fort, near in Kucha Ghasi Ram, is among the earliest cafes offering puri chholey-aalu jalebi and , and it has kept flavor and their quality from the time.

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