3 Reasons You Should Test Your Wireless Service

One of the main benefits of wireless internet service is flexibility. Once you’re untethered, you’re unchained from a desktop and can work or browse in comfort. However, denser populations and an increasing number of connected devices make it necessary to test your wireless and ensure it’s operating at optimal capacity.

What Does Wireless Testing Check?
Of course, security is important, especially considering how vulnerable wireless signals are to unwanted users and with new malware appearing daily. Signal strength and consistency also affect the quality of your connection. If you go for professional testing, they perform a range of checks that include:
* Occupied bandwidth
* Output power
* Field strength
* Frequency tolerance
* Rx sensitivity
Testing will also tell what type of encryption your system is using for security, and if your protocol is up to date or needs an upgrade. For example, although Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is one of the most common encryption protocols, most newer routers will only support Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption. If you don’t have WPA, you should upgrade.
Check Your Channel
Unless you’re an installation tech or an IT pro, you probably never think about channels or frequencies. It’s Wi-Fi, not a radio right? But, you may have noticed that at certain times your signal suddenly slows dramatically or your browser takes forever to load. That usually means that you’re on a busy frequency with a lot of traffic at certain times.
Wireless speeds are faster than ever, but all Wi-Fi in North America is split between only 11 frequencies. In smaller countries, that number is much lower. Newer testing apps will show you the signal configuration of the nearest channels and allow you to choose one with less traffic vying for a signal.
They are a number of apps and services that provide wireless product testing. if you’re unsure how to do it properly. Periodic testing will help ensure that your wireless service and all of your devices are properly configured and maximized. Testing is important for residential wireless systems, but it’s even essential for businesses.

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