How to Remove Paint off of Vinyl Window Frames

If you find yourself staring in horror at drips of fresh paint gracing the exterior frame of your vinyl windows, don’t panic! Though paint drips may create blemishes making your finished DIY-project look worse, it’s just a fact of painting works that can be successfully conquered.

Usually most house renovation experts recommend to scrape the paint off with a single-edge razor blade. However, this solution is only for window glass, not for vinyl window frame. This task is much tougher and the result is imperfect, as some pigment will still remain even after removal.

Find out here how to get rid of paint drips on vinyl window frames.

  • To remove paint from vinyl, determine the type of spilled paint– whether it’s oil or water-based.
  • A large amount of paint should be left to get thoroughly dried for a day or two. The more paint on the surface, the better. Smudging wet paint creates an ultra-thin layer that later is almost impossible to remove. Peel off the dried paint with a plastic scraper or spatula whether on the vinyl frame or the glass.
  • The same way try to remove specks of paint created by rolling: let it dry and scrape off with a plastic putty knife or scraper. Don’t use razor blades as it’s difficult to regulate the angle of the blade on vinyl’s soft surface. As a result, you can cut into the vinyl.
  • If dried paint’s not been removed, pour a little of mineral spirits, acetone nail polish remover or turpentine on a cloth. Test a small corner before you apply any chemical to a large area. Rub it over the dried paint until it’s loosened up or been removed. Repeat as many times as necessary.
  • Paint specks left after spraying are harder to remove as they are not large enough to scrape off. Keep in mind that such small specks get dried instantly. The spill can be removed by proper and quick action. If the specks are already dried, you have to choose better of two poor options – to leave it or sand off from vinyl surface with fine grit sandpaper in the #180 to #100-grit range.  Sandpaper dulls the surface of the vinyl and doesn’t remove embedded pigment.
  • Paint smears are drips on the window frame that have been accidentally rubbed against it. The only possible way to remove the paint is to use fine grit sandpaper.

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