The Specific Reasons Why You Need to Own Navaratna Jewellery

Jewellery making is one of the first signs that indicated human beings changing into a civilized community. In ancient times, many precious stones were embedded in metals to make ornaments by Indian craftsmen. Navaratna ornaments having   nine kind of gems is highly valued as an Indian traditional ornament as well as for its mystical values.
Navaratna – The nine gem stones:
Ornaments made of the nine gem stones has been quite popular since the ancient times. According to Indian mythology there are nine planets. Each planet is believed to play a great part in the lives of people following Hinduism. These planets are believed to be a celestial God jointly named as Navagraha. The gem stones are related to the celestial Gods responsible for a man’s fortune and misfortune in accordance to Hindu mythology.
In the olden days, these gemstones were used to cure illness and wade off evils.  The ancient people believed that the wearer of Navaratna jewellery will remain healthy and prosper in the chosen field of livelihood in leaps and bounds. The nine gemstones are ruby relating to Sun, Pearl symbols Moon, Red coral for Mars, Emerald is the sign of Mercury, Yellow sapphire for Jupiter, Diamond is termed to be the sign for Venus, Blue sapphire for September born, Hessonite related to Rahu and Cat’s eye is to Ketu.
What are the benefits of wearing the nine gem stones embedded jewellery item?

  • They are known to be auspicious as they are believed to enhance the wealth, prosperity, health and keep the wearer always happy.
  • Any negative feelings of the mind are erased and helps in strengthening the positive feelings of mind to help the person remain calm.
  • Even astrologists advice their clients to wear the stones as it will help in preventing malefic effects of the planets affecting your health and wealth while they change positions.
  • Anyone can wear it, irrespective of their age.
  • When all the stones are embedded together it is sure to be a beautiful authentic jewellery.
  • The stones together act as a shield to maintain the well being of the wearer from negative aspects of life.
  • The stones help in influencing the life of its wearer with the goodness of all the planets. The ill effects of life can be evaded.
  • The stones can be placed in any kind of jewellery item. It enhances the ethnic look of the jewel.

However, while buying the precious stones to make ornaments like Navaratna pendant buyer needs to consider certain facts.
The matter to consider are:

  • The stones should be flawless. Beware of jewellers selling semi precious natural stones or glass filled gem stones.
  • The nine stones need to be arranged correctly while making the ornaments otherwise it may even enhance negative issues in its wearer life.

While planning to customize Navaratna jewellery online set make sure that you have hired a reliable jewelry maker as non-experienced maker of gem stones ornaments will surely spoil the benefits you are sure to gain while wearing the Navratna ornament.

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