4 Effective Tips For Bodybuilding Newbies

You have read a few bodybuilding magazines and now you are all charged up. The next thing you decide to do is get a membership at the nearest gym. But, wait? You cannot just walk into the gym, hit the iron and walk out looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is not that quick

So, make up your mind. Don’t just go for it but stick to it. You need to know that bodybuilding is a gradual process with no magic wand involved. Give it all you have and see yourself transform. Simple equation, isn’t it?

There will be times when you might find it hard to get to the gym due to a busy schedule. In such cases it would be wise to get home a pair of dumbbells. This will help you keep the momentum going. Paytm.com is known to offer finest quality home gym equipments. Check out the Paytm offers for a discount.

4 Effective Tips For Bodybuilding Newbies

So, whether you wish to workout at the gym or at home, you need to follow these effective tips to get that desired well-toned body:

Eat Right

Giving up on your favourite food is tough, very tough. Who on earth would want to do away with chocolates? Aren’t those cheese burgers delicious? OMG! What about those creamy donuts?

Of course, temptations are all around. But, what would you prefer? A tummy bouncing up and down while you walk or a flat stomach with those solid abs. If you choose the latter, you better give up on your temptations. And obviously the ladies love well-toned bodies. Motivating, isn’t it?

Pain is Good

In the initial days of your workout, life may seem like hell, with every muscle in your body screaming out loud, “have mercy on me.” But hey, remember that old quote that says, ‘No pain, no gain’? It makes complete sense when it comes to bodybuilding. Put in the sweat and you get the best out of it.

No gain? Don’t worry. Bring in a Change

You hit the gym daily and do all the right exercises. Moreover, you prefer sticking to a strict diet, but you realize there are no further gains coming your way. Well, that’s not a reason to worry. Usually, when you perform a single workout routine for quite a long time, the muscles don’t tend to respond well, as they know what’s coming up next. In easy words, your muscles get used to all that pressure.

In such cases, you need to change your routine. For instance, if you worked on your chest on Mondays, push it to Tuesdays and hit the biceps on Mondays. Do the same for the rest of the body parts.

Quads are the Foundation

Quadriceps and the hamstring are the toughest muscles to work on, as the exercises involved are too tiring. Now, if laziness takes complete control, you are bound to skip your leg day. By doing so, you compromise on the foundation of your body. No doubt, you may have a fantastic upper body, but what about the legs? In fact, weak legs may give rise to lower back problems if your upper body is huge. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Therefore, it is crucial to pay equal attention to the lower body.

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