Mandvi – A Place To Explore and Experience History Of Ancient Kutch Region

Mandvi - A Place To Explore and Experience History Of Ancient Kutch Region

Mandvi, a small town located on the western edge of the Kutch region in the state of Gujarat, is a historic place that has the roots of its history dating back to the late 16th century. It is a port city, a major shipbuilding hub, and a revenue city with various small-scale and mid-scale industries. Originally, it was a fortified city that was protected by strong walls of 8 meters in height and 1.2 meters in thickness having multiple gateways and bastions. However, only a small portion of the wall remains today as the government demolished most part of the wall in order to free the land. What is left today are four gates and six bastions which have been declared the protected monuments of the place. Apart from maritime industry, shipbuilding is one of the major industries here. The place is distinctively known for being the hub of building ships and boats which have provided livelihood to the locals since the inception of the place. During its heyday, the city even surpassed the city of Bhuj which is considered one of the wealthiest Indian cities in the medieval era. Shipbuilding is still in practice, however, it is not as large as it once used to be.

Today, Mandvi is a popular tourist destination amongst tourists who seek an offbeat destination for their next vacation. As it is bestowed with an old and rich history, certain archaeologically significant old structures and monuments, traditional shipbuilding industry, temperate weather, serene beaches, and genuine hospitality offered at the best hotels in Mandvi, a trip to the port city is worth experiencing. The beaches here in particular are the significant part of tourism and are a must-see. The beaches are not crowded with tourists and are absolutely quiet. Due to these facts the beaches are the perfect places to relax and spend some time alone in peace and discover oneself. You could watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise, relish the sun, sand, and air, or play in the shallow waters. There are multiple camp stays offered near the beach area that one can try in order to enjoy experimental getaways.

Mandvi - A Place To Explore and Experience History Of Ancient Kutch Region

Another popular tourist attraction here is the Vijay Vilas Palace, which is a grand luxurious palace that used to be the abode of royal family. Set in the middle of large gardens which have canals running through them and several beautiful fountains, the palace is a fine exhibit of medieval Indian architecture. It was built in 1920 A.D. and features the most ornate designs and luxurious amenities. However, the most intriguing feature of the palace is it has its own private beach which offers exclusive beach experience.

Tourists in Mandvi also flock the Ambemata Temple in large counts. It is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Durga. Accessing it is easy as it is located in the centre of the city. Apart from being a sacred place the temple is noted for its architecture. Built up of white marble stones, it is a beautiful temple that automatically catches the attention. There is a garden on one side of the temple where tourists can stroll or simply sit-back and relax.

Apart from these the other must-see places to visit in Mandvi are: Shyamji Krishna Varma Smarak, The Wind Farms Beach, Kharva na Mama Temple, Topansar Lake, Mazar-e-Noorani, Shitla Mata Temple, Kranti Tirth, Rukmavati River, Lighthouse, Kasi Vishvanath Beach, Rukmavati bridge, Bandhani Bazaar, etc.

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