4 Famous Awards In Literature You Need To Know About

4 Famous Awards In Literature You Need To Know About

We have seen many awards and prizes awarded to the authors and writers. But we must aware of these awards, which so prestigious and honorable, these are international awards given to individuals of who creates magical and inspiring books which are capable of writing the very high quality books and literatures. These awards will be given to very rich content writers and authors, who writes greatest writing, which helps people to think and understand the importance of the grammatical, historical, national, cultural and humanity in the world. It is important for us to know about these awards because they are given most influential writing of great people and minds.

Nobel in Literature

4 Famous Awards In Literature You Need To Know About

It was a century ago in 1901 started by Alfred Nobel, to give a medal of honor to respected personalities who did greatest writing work. Each Swedish academy accepts the nomination on this literature field who are eligible for the award, they have to nominate by other responsible and eligible persons. These nominations on literature will be filtered a special jury called Nobel Committee, filters the candidates selects five candidates. The Committee will spend days on the writing of the candidates and researches the writings. After a certain reviews the jury will vote for the their findings of greatest works, the author who receives more than half of the votes will be honored by the jury as the Nobel Prize winner.

Struga Poetry Evenings

It was started with a festival in Struga, they were used to celebrate poets and writing. Year by year the list of participants and poets become huge no, these all poets will share their writings. Later years, this celebration of poems turned into international event and established an award The Golden Wreath international award. As a point of interest these events also honored foreign writers who highly named in their counties. It is mostly concentrated on the greatest works of the poets done poetic world.

Neustadt International Prize for Literature

It was started by the Ivar Ivask who was the editor of Books Abroad, he used to publish the books from abroad. So it was subsequently named after it as Books Abroad/Nuestadt Prize. In this award all authors, poets, novelists equally eligible for the award. The prize will be given to the winner based on views and votes of jury members. The prize contains some amount of USD and a silver eagle feather and a certificate. This award has certain limits, based on geography and literature languages.

Man Booker International Prize

It is one of the most popular awards around the world, it was sponsored and given by the Man Group. It will be a two year award, given for every two years. It will be given to any person who does great works in writings in English or any other languages which can translate in English. With this award, all people are eligible, but it will be decided by the judges who don’t seek any nominations. The author can only win the awards once in life, the prize money is about £60,000. Instead of giving the author a winning title they will complement them as “continued creativity, development and overall contribution to fiction on the world stage”.

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